Mr. Churchill

The last lion, was the name of the book I read some time ago.
Very few times do I watch these motivational videos, although once I hit
one of them suddenly the next day my Youtube is filled with them.
I thought this was great, Winston Churchill a master of words and he did
actually fight in WWI, at least he can back his words.
He ecompasses his little speech in this video when WWII was going in one word, VICTORY.
No choice really.


    1. Thank you for stopping by and reading this post. If you read that book he is certainly and interesting character, and since a kid he had that self determination. Then all his little maneuvers to get into the political establishment, got out, went to WWI, came back a “renewed” man to prove himself from other mistakes he did as secretary of the Navy I believe (been a long time since I read that book) and eventually rallied the nation, just a great example of how hard and smart work, consistency also, there are many adjectives to explain succesful people.

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