Joder! hostia puta

Ttranslation word for word in English- Fuck host bitch. Doesn´t make any sensse in English,
basically what the young man said in Spanish translated to English was ” Fuck what a bitch”.
He works in the supermarket this kid, full of tattoes, and seems very scared of bees. I´m
paying in the register and suddenly I hear those words, the lady in the register is a person
of about 60+ that I have know her since a kid, to me it seems she has always been there, probably.
We hear in Spanish “Joder! hostia puta!” We all turn around to see what´s going on, and this kid
that works in the supermarket is running around, literally running since there was a bee behind him
next to him, hovering over him, now the cashier lady starts yelling at this guy to not curse,
we all in line there laughing our asses off. Then the guy suddenly says, to us all looking at him,
“I´m fucking alergic to bees!” to which I responded “I´m allergic to work”.
More laughs, funny this young guy.
He is the grandson of the cashier so she was very embarrassed telling him to not curse constantly
and apologizing to the customers, just a fun guy this one, hard worker hard partier too, I know him,
But at least he brought us all a laugh cursing and running around the freaking supermarket with his
pet the bee.


  1. “Hostia” can be host, but, in this sentence, it means the Catholic communion wafer. The Spanish had great trouble with the Catholic Church in the past, so they have a plethora of curse expressions containing religious words.

    Sad (at least to me), but true…

    1. You´re right, forgot about that one. Beeing myself a catholic and in my communion the priest gave me la Hostia to eat, swallow quite literally, I never thought about war or anything bad, I was a kid that is what we did and happy for it. Yes I do know the catholic church is not perfect, are muslims perfect, buddahs and whatever other religions? No.
      I don´t have still an idea why would you take out off the whole little story which is to bring a laugh that little specific thing, basically distorting my message, which is to laugh.. Tell me… or not.

      1. I definitely did not want to take the fun out of your post!
        And that is exactly why I did not delve into details (definitely not because I do not know enough about it 😉 ).

        Sorry if I did that! And feel free to delete these comments to keep the fun and the laughs 🙂

  2. You might want to recommend to Grandma that she gets him to try a different brand of shampoo. I honestly used to have bees try to explore the bun in my hair (I guess they thought the bun net was a flower?), until I changed shampoos. I kept doing my hair the same way, but the bees didn’t bother me anymore. He also needs to learn not to run away– just stay calm and the bee won’t hurt him. Running spreads whatever scent they are attracted to and makes them more interested in him.

    Thank you for the laugh today!

      1. In all cell phones i.e smart phones such as androids or iphones, these emojis are in the icon of a smiley face. Click on it and you will see sub categories of animals, food and drinks🤣

      2. drinks, I´m just anti modern social media things, which is not smart on my part, but I guess I have that from my late mother, plus it´s too much work also :)-that´s the only one I know

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