A life story

The name of the blog it is called Crazy Life,
I wirite crazy and this story for normal people is weird,
got this girl, that she herself proclaimed in my father facebook account,
really weird if you think about it, not really, she did text me I had her
pergnant…. my late mother (she died the mother on 14 June) mother told me
don´t´you cry bitch, she is just messing with you.
Now, still now Jeeeeesus, still keeps going with her threats,
not normal in my mind, but it seems to be normal in her mind.
Now you did create a person that will not tolerate this shit you are spouting,
it is all registered, literally, and this is no funny.
If she can´t win this way or that one, she will try to to a third time at this point.
Do not get me serious is my suggestion, if you go aganist me with false accusations
you will pay, as you already done by the way, so no wonder this person is mad at me.
She lodt for false accusations in a criminal court, only reason she lost is because
I told the the truth.


    1. I do believe and It comes across I´m pretty much a good person, too good as some people will say. It just comes across, I can defend moth mentally and physical, but with that girl it´s insane of all other women I have been with. But it is a bad judgement from my part, so I can take responsibility on my judgement for deciding to be with her. Yet, once she decides to take advantage I will make her pay, legally that is. She already had to pay legally ( the laws in Spain obviously the guy is the bad man) so no wonder whe is pissed off at me, but it is a bit crazy that this person will continue and continue to screw me. You talk in your blog about harrasment, mental abuse, phisical abuse and the rest. Well it happens to some men. Overwhelming it is women but there are also women that abuse in quite a big way.

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