Guardia Civil


I´ll make it quick. Two days ago I was in a park and some people bleeding. The Guardia Civil,
which before was basically a paramilitary force not today they are under the police… most of the time.
Sitting in a park bench bullshiting with another person and seeing the whole thing unraveling,
I yelled ” He is behind you!” The other guy that was interrogated that was sat next to
the other guy that was not being watched, stood and started walking twoards the Guardia Civil.
He looks at me for a brief second and does turn around. Military insticsts kicks in at that moment,
talking shit to this one guy yet moving my head on a swivel.
So the Guardia Civil did appreciate that, and after they took my ID run me down,
they saw I was in the Spanish Legion, now we have something in common.
Later that night, they saved me. Thank you for la Guardia Civil is the point.Plus now I have
followers from their station or unit. We did get into spethific things of military,
arms, type of arms, work this bolt here that, just the specifics. Might as well have them on my side,
very good people overall following the law. Not like the local police.

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