What fucking joke, she will say this that and try to get me riled off.
It did function her tactic, kind off really. But it did sort of function
her obviously reasons talking to me, about bullshit, she eventually laugh at
the end. If you talk about toxic persons, Jesus fucking Christ. I have one,
Legally she can´t do shit, I actually feel bad for her since that is her purpose and lost,
mentally for me… I can switch it off.
Sorry that was the last post about this girl having her JOKE, the bitch laughing at the end?
JOKE, but keep in mind I will fuck you up, legally, for your dumb shit.


      1. The thing is I forgot about that post, and mos others by the way. So I just write when it gets to mind and then forget about it. If I had to not forget…. then we are screwed as a person, I just find this writing thing therapeutic yet I don´t obsess on this nasty bitch, she is that, a bitcht, no other words for that type of people. And by saying “that type of people” I include guys, but guys in my experience is easier, you get on with them fighting physically and most of the time is done, I can go from example to example but this comment is too long. I don´t worry I don´t have to get into a fight with this woman although she obviously likes to, I don´t plus she is full of BS, so let her go on her crazy trip, telling me I got her pregnant, and a lot more, so just just let her ride her own train to the edge, which I´m giving her … just put it this thing nicely, she already drove herself out the cliff by her own actions, I just write about them. I´m good to go, my head is straight I know what I do and what I don´´t do. Like now.

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