Are you O.K?

Paying for the groceries and the manager now also a cashier asks me “are you o.k?”
I actually was not even looking at her, so I lift my head up and asked her back
“talking to me?”, like the Robert De Niro taxi driver movie. Just a dumb question back.
I said yes and thank you, I was just very surpriesed,
paid, went out and as I´m walking back home I get teary. Lost my mother 2 months ago,
haven´t seen friends months ago, nor father, quite lonely. Live in a shit town I have
to physically fight through certain people and this woman out of nowhere and she doesn´t
know me asks “Are you o.k”, with our cool masks on. Fuck no it seems. She might have seen
something, I don´t know. But taking the bad with the good, don´t even know if I´m able
to pay rent next month, I´m alive still so I might take that as a good and thank you
the lady from the supermarket, we never talked and she seemed a bit down also but she
asked are you o.k. That restores a bit faith in humanity, probably is why I teared up,
in my way to home since I usually very rarelly really depend on “are you o.k?”


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