Lost it

I get a check from the government of very little money, but something is something.
With this Corona thing they are changing the “help” which I would prefer if they
made things easier to get a job, but no. So now they are changing the “help” they give
you month after month, literally living month to month and not knowing when they
are going to cut you off. Back again with the new help they are changing to,
had to go here then there, nobody knows shit everyone is disorentated and
since social security services are closed they do it by phone….just a mess.
I hate bureaucracy. Who doesn´t.

I find myself waiting in line, spread out two meters, with a freaking mask on, me
thinking again this is just bullshit and a lady in what here in spain they call
“attention for the citizens” would be the translation, which they eventually
they don´t help at all. This lady very well dressed is asking for help to buy her
a fucking washing machine. And she is going on and on, so you can imagine how screwed
people are and what we call here in Spain “La picaresca” which translates that you
are going to scheme here and there to get money from the state, that is our mentality.
The lady keeps on with her BS about a freaking washing machine while I need to process
certain papers if I wan´t to pay rent in October if not I´m in the streets, and the
freaking washing machine can wait so I just yelled at the lady to get the fuck out of
the chair and start washig by hand. And after the commotion, well I didn´t get the
papers processed. I needed even more papers, and I´m still thinking about the freaking
washing machine and the lady. I´m picturing her inside the washing machine going
round and a round. I´m traumatize now with washing machines, 30 fucking minutes talking
to the guy to help her get it, Jesus Christ, I almost murdered that woman.

Have a great day.


  1. Smiles if You think about
    It the Many Folks From
    WordPress Randomly
    Liking and Following
    Posts and Blogs without
    Reading are All Looking
    For Help to Buy an
    Invisible Washing
    Machine… True
    When i see a
    Hand Out
    i Give a Little
    Something in
    Return Not
    Hard for
    Me To
    Read and
    Press a Button…
    Most Everyone
    Is Looking to
    Own Clothes..:)

    1. I could
      care less
      about likes, follow
      if they read or not read
      most people don´t,
      could care less
      but it is a way for me to get it out and not murder…….
      or tomorrow
      but I wll find this
      and give her
      a washing machine
      that I stoled that would
      others do wash
      kidding me? I have an assistant
      all aspects
      of life
      to wash me

      1. Serious Question
        Does it Make You
        Feel like a ‘Man’
        To talk about
        Folks.. Just
        As i
        Read You..
        Do understand
        That Meek is
        Opposite than
        Weak it only
        Means Strong
        Enough Never
        To lift a Fist
        And Use
        Wit instead
        i mean really
        I’ve Been Doing
        Martial Arts For
        Years Leg Pressing
        1520 Pounds one
        Kick From my
        Foot to a Head
        Would Instantly
        Kill anyone
        Would that
        Prove i Am
        A Man
        NO i’d
        Just spend My
        Life in Jail the
        Smart REAL MAN
        Never even talks
        About Harming
        Another Human
        Only When
        There is
        A Lesson to teach…
        Real Men don’t
        Need to
        A Thing
        Their Presence is Felt…

      2. You went off the cliff with that comment. Whoever has read me for some time, and as a matter of fact whoever say in this case me ” I was about to murder….” Obviously I´m not serious, there is this thing called sarcastic, ironic. Now I´m thinking you are against women, since you said man, I was talking about a lady….. you bench press whatever you said, I dropped guy bigger than you that I see you post pictures of your great body. Third or fourth point, I already murdered as you said, was in the infantry in the Spanish Legion, check me out you dummy. What is this, really? Going all shitty on me? You dummy, get back to do bench presses or whatever you do, you really have no idea who I am, except when you are down with all your muscles that you love to show. I never said nothing bad to you, what is your problem? I know I can handle you physically for sure, part of my life to be physical, I´m just curious trying to understand your brain process. Come on sir, give it to me your brain process

      3. You don´t impress me either, so out we go. No more comments specially you iinsulting me, I do believe in civil platform, if you notice the blog is called crazy life and the things I write in this blog are not true in a lot of times or manipulating reality, creativity I think is called.
        Have a great day. 😉

  2. Aww Charly. I am sorry you waited fruitlessly. Some people don’t know priorities and I am surprise that the officers do not prioritize according to needs. You are right in that clothes can be washed by hand whilst homeless stay homeless. I hope your next visit gets you a roof over your head.🙏🙏🙏🌹🌹🌹

    1. Hello yellow cat, we´ll be good. Already been homeless so I am very grateful of what I have now, at least for the next month. Jobs are extremely hard to find, but we´ll be good. Hope you are doing good which is the important thing.
      (By the way what´s up with the other commentator commenting in that way? Just write full lines, but it was fun)

      1. laugh at me?… hummmm, just normal. I can use it to my benefit though, by the way where is that post that you mentioned me, won´t be the one talking about a kid without an arm and doing karatee…… I have two arms! And do yoga, just in case it was that one, show me the moneeyyyy!

  3. Oh my, I can see how frustrating this must have been for you, Charly! I hope you can get things sorted out soon and not have to worry about where to live come October. You are right that some of us due to this frigging pandemic freak out on some issues not realizing that not getting some items in a grocery delivery is so unimportant when others have no money for food for the next meal or a roof to put over thier head. Keep venting…it IS therapeutic x

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