This shit happens only to me

I get out of bed ready to face reality. I walk to the bus station and wait
for the bus and wait and wait. “Where the F is the bus?” Well it is a feast day,
so if already most things are shut with Chineese Virus (except the local Chineese stores here
in the great country of Spain), today at least everything is shut down thanks
to a holiday which I don´t know who the fuck is celebrating, but the holidays name is
Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, there is no double meaning about the virgin and Mary,
although I did have sex with a Mary and I do remember this one was no virgin.
I actually told a friend by phone, ” You could have let me know you A-in the hole!”
Just laughter, so back to the freaking room I rent and start cleaning all day this shit hole.
Back again in the freaking room, and writing weird things. There you go, thank you
Virgin Mary which as Dr. Wikipedia told me she is the mother of Jesus, I´m good with that
since I´m a Catholic, but fuck me it had to be today that absolutely everything is closed
and I woke up with my paint war face? Make it tomorrow or yesterday the holiday, who cares one day later
or sooner, although I might have check this out if I wondered a bit out of the freaking room.
Happy Holiday Virgin Mary. Yes, holiday for you since I´m fucked. Lets sing…. Hallelujah!!

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