Today was depressing

Anyway anyhow I went…
that would be a little strolling around
another town,
I did rob the drug dealer
not proud of me but he is not the best screamer,
fucking dummy thinking too much of him, out went 5 Euros of your right pocket
this idiot trying to play what? So you lost this time, I´ll take that weird dime
and strolling strolling
rolling rolling with a freaking mask,
people are down
but fuck me no wonder I am brown?
I´ll give his five euros to the drugy the dealer,
that was fun in my weird sense
not doing a pretense
and corona
virus I did se my Madona
or “perdona”


    1. When the criminal figures, quite the art by the way to maneuver the guy and go for his pocket and him bullshiting, no, you can´t this day, maybe tomorrow. Loose some win some kind of deal.
      I´m going off the cliff now, now I´m high with his weed, I also stoled his weed, sorry again drugy the dealer, I don´t know what I like about this by the way. I know….you know 😉
      Take care lady

      1. what are you upset about? did you think I was complaining about AZ delivery…no… you said send check UPS I said already ordered them just info no itchbay.

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