What an Asshole U.S Marine

Won´t even give the name of his documentary, as a matter of fact I will
since I do believe he is an asshole. Youtube!

Simple reason why he is an asshole, this guy literaly joined to expose
his fellow guys. I was in the Spanish Legion, I had two guys in my platoon
that it would be at most, if lucky, 20 people. I had one Nazi and one Communist,
we smoked weed, we faught between us,we curse too much, just 19-to even higher years, just humans.
At the end of the day we did get a job done, a dangerous one.
The right kind of crazy,
we eventually managed to get a very serious job done and as in civilian life
you got some guys doing wrong things, but at the end of the day if they get that
job done that is good for me. Can´t copare it to civilians.
So for this Ass in the hole to manipulate his other fellow guys to say certain things
when he is enticim them to do so, I don´t even see what is so wrong with these
young men talking and doing, well maybe some things are wrong but you are civilians
and me so don´t put your mind in these guys brain specially when they are in combat,
they did their job, they lost friends, they lost their life and for who? The U.S.
Just wanted to end on that positive note.
How the fuck did this Asshole managed to bring out that video? This guy has balls,
I did deal, believe it or not, with these type of idiots, not exactly this one
since he seems to join the U.S Marines to fuck them up later on, that was weird,
for me it is not weird the smoking weed in the military, drinking, saying outlandish
things, dark humour, the list can go on. But this fucker, really trying to deminish
his fellow guys by filming them for his own profit, that is a disgrace and specially
if he is a combat camera man, who the fuck paid for the camera? The institution you are
bashing and specially those Marines, agree or not, not his Liutenat in the early minutes
you can see that the Liutenant can see or his higher up whatever his rank was suddenly
turn over and say to this fucker fuck you, not in those words but basically is what he said.

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