Deputy of Social Security services (Hello gal)

Nice to receive a note saying now I owe you money, basically,
hence in the first place fix the fucking system and don´t
give me and millions more 400 Euros a month. I would take care
of myself, there was a wise saying, ” Never depend on anybody”,
I might have invented that one, but at least is true.
So thank you Mrss. Deputy of Social… destroying,
start making it easier to get us employing.
Fuck you bitch, cut me out now? If I´m in the streets next month
you might have a problem. I just said this out loud? I did.
Not gonna do anything obviously, except venting frustrations
for you to get rich and stay in power. Bunch of us idiots by the way
that they will make you think the State will be your mommy, then.. down the drain.
You can´t fight the State, might as well join them in this Spanish climate with
the Corona, it did came handy for the socialist-communist, and not very good
for the rest of us. Might as well enjoy what I have for this month to sleep
in a room. What a fucking system of ass-holes, just put out something
that provides for jobs and I´m willing to do it like not a lot of people actually
but do not put your socialist-communist system in place, I should have been
earlier on in that curve and took precautions, but not much we could do
regarding to jobs. I probably exhausted all the job applications that my body
as fucked as it is phisically can exhaust.
You Americans vote for the socials-liberals, there you go the consequences.

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