the glue of the familly

I think that phrase in the title is actually true. Never thought about it,
since a kid my mother was always around, don´t have a recollection of
my father showing up to my soccer games, tennis, whatever shit it was.
Which is more than fine, who the hell paid for my time in the U.S, daddy,
but in a much overall theme and I dhouldn´t say scheme..sorry for that one.
Each one has their part. Yet, mother was the glue to that dynamic with me
and father. I´m just noticing it now that she is recently gone,
it just doesn´t work the two of us, just can´t really.
And I still haven´t cried for the loss of that woman, mother, I have
maybe but then I forget and I already lived more certain “crazy” situations than
most things that you people have lived, each to his own on that one.
Just two great people mother and father, both of these people are not fine,
they are great. I might even go to sleep after this
one by the way. But yes the glue of that familly was mother, kind of weird
thinking about it now at my age, I might have discovered now America like Columbus.
Just a weird thought.

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