We´ll be alright (take two)

It seems I do post the posts when I am extremely drunk,
so that has to say something good about me….
This is take two that I´m sober and reading the last post of mine
apart from reading yours first I read mine. Anyways what the fuck did
I write on that one? Being sober I can condense it in one sentence
Sentence: I live in a whore house that the so proclaimed landlady created
hence there are weird things happening and now the so proclaimed landlady
is mad with the new girl she got into the house and me waking up
with a knife in hand just in case since it is also a bit weird to have
guys ringing the bell at 2 a.m or 4 a.m that was yesterday or today
at 10 p.m that I eventually snapped and kicked the guy out, phisically
as you might have thought.
So that was my one sentence condense. Better get my shit together, stop drinking you.

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