2008 U.S Financial Crisis

You got all these people, or elments that as citizens of a country will
say this or that. Ben Bernankie for example, there was two other key players,
but who really are the players?
You, if the bank tells you I give this loan for very little money on interest
and YOU accept that, well YOU are the opportunist and later the sucker.
YOU the citizens are the gready ones that made the 2008 financial crisis happen,
having said that, it is normal for humans to do so. Just don´t blame that shity
situation on banks, or wall of the street, politicians, whoever you want to blame it on.
But no YOU.
Blame yourself, that´s for sure.

I just made a hour long documentary of that crisis seem simple, since it is. Just humans.
Now feeling more dummber. Quite interesting this documentary by the way.


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