Military hat

Did the U.K went to battle with those hats? Had to be a bit uncomfortable,
they did use them in WWI the least I know. That´s freaky, corona coronaaaaa
(would wanted to say fuck out of here, but I got the message, better late than never,
and what´s up with those guys wearing that weird hat)


  1. As the story goes, after the Battle of Waterloo the 1st Regiment of Foot Guards supposedly took as spoils of war the fur hats of Napoleon’s Grenadier Guards. Today the fur for the hats comes from Canadian black bears “harvested” to keep the population down.

  2. The origins are that every gunner in the British military and the French military wore bearskin caps to make them taller and more intimidating because they were the ones that did the hand to hand fighting.
    Purely for ceremonial duties nowadays, Charly.
    No wonder guards pass-out on parades at Buckingham Palace.

    1. Why I don´t get is how these guys will stand there with all the people fucking with them in some instances, and by the way I did screw with one of them in my time in your country until this guy with the hat shouted at me to get behind the line and with his rifle and bayonet pointed at me, that was weird and scary. Was a kid there, I do realize it´s for ceremonial purposes, but it still intrigues me how many hours can these guys just stand there? Do they get some crams in the knee, quite a boring job to tell you the truth.

      1. I couldn’t do that, Charly, it’d drive me bonkers!
        The thought of the infantrymen wearing them in battle, astounds me!
        I think the Canadian RCMPs have similar traits? I ight be wrong and confused with the TV program, Gone South, though? Haha!
        Cheers, Sir.

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