After a ten year hiatus of not writing I´m back to what I really love, and relatively new to a whole new world called social media.The blog ranges from poems ,stories,some flash fiction to my outrageous thoughts about things,people, society, and me. I feel like I´m really late to the party being 32 and discover there is such thing called twitter. But better late than never. A relatively novice writer, a thinker, trying often to play with the absurd to make it sound rational and sometimes I get serious. I hvae an ironic-sarcastic-dark sense of humour that can be insulting for some and funny to others. And the quotes below are mine! no copyright here. Forgot. I smoke too muchFoto 344













That pretty much sums me up.


  1. Love the pace of your writing…
    I take photos and I’m hopeless when it comes to writing captions or even describing what the photos are about…wish I had your wit….
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I’m glad you did….gave me the opportunity to read yours…
    Had a quick look at your about page… Noticed one typo (think it’s called that….) the word ‘have’ needs to be amended…hope I don’t offend….

    1. No offense, if that´s the only typo I have in the blog is a miracle.

      I had to smile at the photo you took in Granada, I´m live in Spain and yes, if looks could kill….that was probably a gypsy which we have in abundance here in Spain.

      1. You live in Spain? Sorry I didn’t pick up on that….yeh, the gypsy women wasn’t the only person rummaging through the bins…I saw this often….

      1. You don’t like gypsies? You don’t like Moroccans? S’up with that?
        I was going to flag your typos too, ‘cuz a self-proclaimed writer who quotes himself with a “try harder” military discipline should do that.
        I don’t care if i “offend” like Angela…
        an am just passing thru.

      2. Then don’t pass through making false allegations, read my blog and then make up your mind, wich it seems it’s a bit twisted.
        You have no idea who I am, so don’t make allegations without knowing who I am and what is “really” what I think.
        Thank you for “passing” by. Keep on walking

      3. I didn’t make false allegations. in your comments to Angela you said Spain was screwed due to Gypsies and Moroccans. I asked if you didn’t like them, how come?
        I read your latest post on Morgan Freeman. He has a lot of personal problems… the whole drunk driving with a younger woman and crashing his car leading to divorce while working on the doomed batman movie sorta makes his humble advice to the peeps, foolish.
        But yepper, I’ll keep on walking. Viva Picasso.

      4. You got it right, I’m a racist. That is why my best friend is Marrocan and I went to jail for defending my exgirlfriend who is a gypsy after she was called slur names and after she wasn’t let into a bar because she was a gypsy, I went to jail for breaking the bouncers arm. Don’t give me your stupid bullshit when I write ironically or out of the blue. You don’t know me. Whoever reads me or knows me know that your line of bullshit is exactly that, bullshit.Viva Picasso…. your just another dummy. Keep on moving.

      5. I didn’t say you were racist. But I will say you are entirely reactionary. *sheesh*
        You said Spain was screwed due to them in your comment to Angela, so thanks for clarifying your position.
        I don’t think you are cool for breaking anyone’s arm.
        I don’t think you are more brave or chivalrous or less bullshit than the next guy full of his own bravado and martyrdom.
        But mostly your writing needs work fella.

      6. My writing needs work….. You’re right on that one. Thank you for the advice. Although it seems that quite a lot of people enjoy reading my crazy things, but I do agree that my writing not only needs work, it needs a lot of work.

      7. I actually feel sorry for you, you need a hobby? Apart from trying to make people unconmfortable with your dramatic writing?
        I’m more than willing to help you on your conquest.

      8. Oh, well no thank you. I don’t need pity. Most people do not feel sorry for me. That’s your fault for missing the curve. Honestly, your gypsy girlfriend doesn’t need a man who loses his emotions and goes to jail. What god are you to her in jail? And in your about page you not believing in true love, also speaks volumes. She can do better than a punk hero.

      9. I’m boring? You looked at my art and I’m boring? Well, that’s okay if you don’t like the work, but after painting for Jeff Koons and having the art hang in the Guggenheim museum, I just wanted you to know I didn’t need a “hobby” That I am a working artist. That was my only point.
        You don’t have to feel “bad” about anything. I’m not taking this exchange personal like you are.
        Peace Charly. 🙂

      10. Good for you, you are a “working artist”, and trust me I don’t take it personal, I do have a live to live and is not an easy one. You’re the least of my concerns, but I’m glad you can make a living with your art. I don’t wan’t any person harm, by the way today I got picked up to do a very small roll on a play, yes a play in the theater.
        I knew you and me will eventually be friends, by the way why do you think my girlfriend left me? I’m sort of confuse……..say something like “you are too beautiful that I can’t stand you” or something like that.
        love ya

      11. I don’t think your girlfriend left you. THE and i mean THE!!!!! question is, how come you keep making everything up? Is our language gap that wide? You misapprehend most of what I say and or project on to me.
        Congrats on the part in the play tho.
        What is the play about?

      12. it’s not important that you don’t care. What happened was your language gap and how attacked you felt. And then you thought I was accusing you of things I didn’t. So the question matters, Charly. The original intention matters. How off base you are when you reacted matters. It’s life and death in some places when misunderstandings happen. as a writer, U might want to refine your diplomacy. Do your own homework before you demand that I do mine. ‘Cuz I did read your work first. I wasn’t trolling you.
        I think you are young and brusque and that’s sumpin’ u can grow out of.
        If You really don’t care… how come you followed my blog? Stop being scared of me and just talk to me. I’m not your problem.

      13. btw, I am a married woman. I am not here to say “you are too beautiful i can’t stand u” like you want. I was here because gypsies and Moroccan sister-women as well as the music have had an enormous influence on my life and work(s).
        I read your comment thread and the confusion started there…
        I am glad you are open minded. Best of luck to you with your writing and the play.

      14. and besides not needing a hobby ‘cuz i work and love what i do…
        how about U quit smoking Charly. It’s not good for u. I had friends who died of lung cancer. SUCKS.
        U got better things to do, right?

      15. I’m not going to be checking back on your writing, but kudos on feeling inspired. Take care.

      16. you may accuse me of being brutally honest, But not a liar. I am one of those people who doesn’t need to or want to lie to u.
        of course u love me again. i’m irresistible.

      17. Plus I don’t even remember who is Angela or the post you are talking about, did you read the about page? I have a dark ironic sense of humour, wich might be funny to some and not so much to others…. I guess your the others. I like how you ended up with “fella”, classy.

      18. Your lack of attention to your own details is NOT my problem. You said if I wasn’t interested in you to keep on walking. And that’s what I’m going to do.
        Best of luck el toro.

      19. Forgot. I just woke up. You start with your insults about me being a racist from a post I don’t even remember writing, I do write quite a lot of them for hard for me that after months someone like you in their little crusade comes talking to me about the post and some woman named Angela, second of all tha arm thing is a llie, or not, but that is not the point, point being that you don’t know me. And now you attack me with my writing. And it seems to me that in your own world of great morality wich yours is greater than the others, in your own mind is fair, is more than fair it is just for you it is what you have to do, to harrass others.

      20. You are tripping Charly Priest. The Morgan Freeman post is your recent one with a headline of you accusing him of being a racist and a fascist. Your introduction to the video clip was not well written. Full of typos and i could care less about Morgan. He is old news. Black Lives Matters rejected him long ago.
        I was reading your comments on your about page to Angela and you said that Moroccans and Gypsies were screwing over Spain. So I questioned why the hate.
        I am more glad you don’t hate ’em and that you’re simply a lousy communicator.
        I never attacked your fragile ego. You just feel attacked bro bro.

      21. I’m not trolling you. I asked you a question and then gave you honest feedback and you were blessed to have encountered me. It’s you who needs to do more research and find out to whom you are speaking to.
        You don’t give real people a chance or even remember them.
        What you do is expect flattery for nothing. I don’t see proof in yer pudding. You aren’t a writer yet.

  2. Right with you on the military training. I’m pretty certain that if National Service was introduced, people might moan a little less about the little things.

    1. I think almost everyone should do at least the basic military training, you don´t have to be a soldier since that was my choice to get into that job. But just give civilians a taste what it is to be food wáter deprived, living in shitty conditions,physically and mentally exhausted. Forget about weapons training, just those things and later on you do appreciate a nice warm bed more than ever. Actually a small and out of shape bed you´d think you were in Paradise. And be able to take a bath after almost a month, woooha! You would become a great ecologist, you won´t want to spill a drop of wáter when you drink.

  3. THank you for choosing to follow JoHannaMassey.com.
    I just had a lovely visit around your website. Very well done and interesting. Looking forward to following. All my best to you.

  4. Nice to meet you here. I happen to like “ironic-sarcastic”. Don’t feel behind in the techie ways of life. I live in Silicon Valley and still refuse to own a cell phone.

    There probably needs to be military training for everyone – I’ve thought this for quite some time.


    1. Silicon Valley…. can you hook me up with Mark Suckerberk? ( spelled that wrong for sure, you know the face book guy) The military training… I was just saying that for some people, give them a 2 month basic training and they´ll stop bitching about the small stuff. Stay in the field for 1 week (which later on if you choose that profession one weeks is really a vacation) and they will appreciate a cot and crummy but warm food more than anything in their life´s.

  5. Nice to ‘meet’ you, Charly. I liked your quote “LIVE THE PRESENT, ENJOY, AND YOU WILL FIND OPPORTUNITIES IN LIFE HOWEVER SMALL THEY ARE.” I couldn’t agree more … although I still have to work really hard at it.

    I’m not sure I would ever have survived military training though. I admit to having authority issues. I’m rather happy to have made it this far in life with my rebel streak still intact 😉

    1. Glad to meet you too. Good to have that rebel inside. We are both rebels, you can even be a rebel in the army trust me. And be good soldier at the same time.
      Looking forward to exploring more of your blog when time permits

      1. You are welcome Charly. I enjoy highlighting blogs I enjoy. Thanks for your friendship and the many interesting conversations.

      2. Jarrod, my man Holy macarroni I should write that myself. And in all seriousness ( apart that I´m a mess) where in the world you got those pictures of spain?

  6. hey Charly,
    Thank you for appreciating my story The Couples and for the follow. In the process, I discovered your blog which is full of wit. I liked your quote “LIFE IS NOT FAIR AND YOU HAVE TO FIND HAPPINESS WITH WHAT YOU´VE GOT.” So true, people often forget to be happy.

  7. “TRUE LOVE IS ONLY AS TRUE AS YOU THINK IT IS….THERE IS NO TRUE LOVE.” I’m laughing so hard right now, actually your quotes are really good. However this is my FAVORITE, maybe because there is much truth to it! Hey, have a great weekend, thanks again for the much needed laugh! ~ Mia

    1. Heeeeeello Mia, nice name by the way. Glad you had a laugh.
      I also have another quote that came to mind right now, since I suffer from OCF wich I wrote in the blog, go figure I write strange things, also by the way OCF stands for Obsessive Compulsive Flirt, forgot, the quote is
      “Do what you want to do and say what you want to say, if people don´t like it F-em, if you don´t créate enemies in this life then you are not living”

      Really appreciate you Reading my nutty things, now hedding to your blog to chech you out….. the wrting I mean

      1. Charly, I want to thank you for a wonderful reply. “OCF”, hahahahaha! That’s wonderful, I’m laughing so hard right now, it’s so great that it should be in the urban dictionary. The second quote is brilliant, “if you don’t create enemies in this life then you are not living”, oh so true! Again laughing, out loud! You’re most welcome, it’s my pleasure! Oh yes, please check me out, *wink*, ha-ha! I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend, enjoy!
        ~ Mia

  8. Those quotes are very true and practical, unlike the ones we see around the internet 🙂 I enjoy a bit of ironic sarcasm, looking forward to reading more of your posts 😀 – Michelle

      1. Nice to meet you too! And sure, haha, there’s nothing wrong with that when I’ll reciprocate 😛 – Michelle

    1. I did change it, you think the picture is different? Common I´m still bold and constantly with a cigarette in my mouth, that is not change, I refuse to change!!!

      1. Change is inevitable dear. 🙂 It is the a bit like the proverbial wine cliche I reckon. Or it is the mouldy bread one. Depends what stuff you are made of.

    1. I saw, but as you know I never participate on the awards thing, for me the ultimate award is that people would actually read my crazy things and think about me for an award. That is more than enough, so thank you a lot.

  9. Thank you for following me, Charly!
    At first sight when I saw your name, I thought …”Oh, a Priest name Charly is following me! Why is a priest following me???”
    Pretty creepy! LOL
    Until I came here.
    hahaha …
    Love your dark and witty blog, Charly.
    I’ll check on you soon.


    1. Got to your blog through Mr. Richard Ankers, I figured if he read you, you must be real good at this fascinating world of writing.
      By the way, I can still be creepy without being an actual priest, so don´t take the creep off the table please, is almost a badge of honour.

      1. LOL
        Never mind.
        I think I am creepy myself that I CREEP on myself too.
        This morning, for example, I got a shock after seeing unknown creature in the mirror. Later, after taking a shower then I saw it was just ME! LOL

        Ah, Richard … the good hearted and witty Richard. But let us be honest … no one can beat writing like Richard. He’s the BEST!

      2. I actually can´t wait to wake up and see myself in the mirror, I always think I look great…..wich that is quite creepy.
        Mr.Ankers, “A broken clock”! Yep, that´s what he called me once that I wass like a broken clock, evil caníbal…..good man he is, I still wonder why he reads my so called poetry, but the broken clock comment lead me to write a poem around that phrase and dedícate it to him

      3. A broken clock? That is a cool title or a name for blog, person, book, or anything.

        LOL Richard is crazy himself. He just don’t know it yet! hehe … Love that guy. What a talent! And has a very good heart too.

        Let me see … you are a broken clock, evil canibal … Interesting personality there! No wonder you creep on your self there! And yes, I do believe that you look great in the early morning for sure. Especially the hair! No need to styling it at all – just so natural out of bed look.


  10. Good quotes! Welcome to the party late. I’m 61 years old and just started blogging and writing for real a couple years ago. So, I hope that makes you feel better.

  11. Awesome quotes, and I used to be in the Army, so I can vouch for that one! Btw… thanks for following and I look forward to reading more from you. One thing I noticed about you straight away, is that you seem to be a very diverse writer. Nobody could ever get bored coming to read your page. Have a lovely rest of your week. 😉 ~M

    1. Right away I can tell you we have two things in common, i was in the army and you to and apart from that thing we both like to write, i even like my own crazy writing wich is strange.
      So you actually read the “about” page…..so that actually sums me up.
      And with more time, or lets say with people around me that I can hear them and just fu…ing around and I can’ t concentrate, i could give them a good fight but we won’t do, now I’ m a pacifist.
      By the way can I ask you in wich branch of the military you served?
      I tell you mine, was infantry in the spanish legion,

      1. Your quotes are some of the best I’ve ever read…. I write all of my own quotes too. I was in the US Army for 5 yrs and worked as an Intelligence Analyst. Those were some of the toughest years of my life, but taught me so much. It shocked the heck out of my family when I joined, but I loved the challenge and mostly joined for the adventurous aspects of it.

      2. Intelligence…….so you can’ t work on me since I have none. B y the way I’ m sure you where an officer, or as you guy say it a NCO or officer. Have you been deployed?……you can answer that one or not but the most important is the thing I say bellow
        Your my girl, ex military, smart, likes to write and me…well I’ m a mess, so you are able to handle me.
        So when do get married? Don’t tell me you have a boy of the friend

      1. Yes mam,
        and I was writing to you a novel of a comment and the shit thing went, I do know but it erased its seld, so I’ll keep it quick if I, can
        1-23 years married not cool
        2-children……they are beast really
        3- husband has to go
        4 is the one where we both appear in
        Japan in the island of Hanoyyy, without
        kids or husbands, I have two by the way, and we just let loose the sun on our bodies, while I drink some wiscky and a cigarette, and then …………………..you tell me what happens

      2. Don’t you love it when your perfectly lovely comment gets erased. 😩 Oh this list totally made me laugh…
        1- My marriage barely survived last year, so I am doing all I can right now to save it.
        2-2 of my girls are already married and I teach two of them at home. They are all the sweetest children I’ve ever known. Maybe I’m biased, but they really are….
        3-husband has to stay, he’s the only reason I can face another day right now.
        4-Sounds like such a lovely fantasy, but why Japan? For me… the beach is the best place for a vacation….. and whiskey sounds great, but cigarettes have to go….. lol….. I think if I was going to go somewhere, it would be to a deserted island, somewhere it’s always warm…. grew up in California…. miss the warm weather and the sounds of the waves…. I don’t miss the crowded beaches.

      3. Having said that, my plan is all much esier for us, your girls are already adults so instead of some random island in Japan, I have my own island near Hawa”i, has a great house and all that you might want, and the fish are fresh, you just call “freddy” that would be the butler, and he fishes for you, so I hope that you bring some good fish

      4. Hawaii does sound nice…. my sister got married there, but I couldn’t go… I have always wanted to visit. I actually have 2 daughters still at home… 8 & 15. How old are yours? I want a butler, but I don’t eat much fish…. I think I’d rather have my own personal chef, even though I am a good cook, I get bored of my own food. I actually like fishing, especially ocean fishing. You never know what you’ll catch! Once caught a baby shark, and then another time this really pretty rainbow colored fish with spikes all over. Was told it was poisonous and not to touch it, very cool looking though!

      5. Well, you have not to worry about the fishing,since you will probably hit me with the hook, and the daughters 8 adn 15, tell them to get a job.
        Not the 8 year old, but the 15…..yes.

      6. I srewed up your cocomment, dont know why it went to spam
        Yes, I haven’ t sleped for two days as of now, and it was Wisconsen, so that is 8 hours from here, damn, is still 5 and 17 minutes a of m, ,I just can;t sleep, take naps here and there but a good 8 hours sleep i cant.
        No wonder the girl left me

      7. this was me 15 years ago,
        MARICON PA PEGAR UN PALIZON, that was Italian, by the way why in the wold do you have to learn those stupid sayings…..it did pump you up though,
        so here is my gift….reeeeeeeeeeeeeeely
        cool, by the way did I told you my girlfreind left me and I seem to drink a bit over the top?
        Hope doesn’t scare you, so hit it!

      8. Oh that looks way more fun than we ever had….. the cadence we learned, still haunts my dreams…. lol…. btw…. nothing scares me about anyone. I’m the least judgmental person you could ever meet. And I’m sorry you lost your girl….. 😔

      9. Forget about the girl, I lost more people that I wanted to loose,I knew they or me were not going the same way tha we went but i did not think it was 2 guys of my 5 men team, it was my responsibility so fuck the girl, although I can understand it that my performance was not something she could handle, actually only my mother can handle me, the other girls come and go.
        I said too much, going to sleep now if I can…..not really

      10. Maybe you should pick someone who has the same qualities as your mother. 😉 They’ll surely be able to handle you then! 🙂 Sleep well Charly… was nice getting to know you.

  12. Hey there Charlie – I see you have found my blog and decided to follow me. Welcome 🙂 I hope you’ve been able to catch up on some of that lost sleep! I’ll be having a bit of a poke around your place, checking out that wicked sense of humour you claim to have…

    1. I don’t claim to have I have…… at least for myself so that is enough.
      Glad you stopped by, and I will do my “cool stalking moves” on your blog, when time permits that is as you well know, so check me up from top to botton!!!

  13. Happy Birthday in advance like 4 days in advance. I know you dint want to talk to me (you refused to be on call when i asked for you). I might not be online for next few days so wishing you here right now 🙂 have a great birthday – make new wishes, let go of past, make new resolutions, look forward – Love K

    1. Hi Teresa… my husband told me about you today talking behind my back… You love what about the exchange? What kind of bitch are you? I wanna know. You mean you’re jealous of me? Of curse you are! 🙂

      1. Jesus Christ you guys bore me to death, probably since you all gang up on me and like the feeling, anyways unless I’m not drunk I won’t respond since you people give me a headeache, by the way you and your great husband, is that what you call the dude? I already comment to his comment, fucking gay this guy by the way.

      2. You’re delusional. What are you calling me a bitch for? I didn’t comment on anything you said, only on what Charly said. Also, to be jealous of you I’d have to know something about you, which I don’t, and I’m not the least bit interested in finding out. Now, stop harassing me and tell your husband to do the same.

      3. You just said it, you don’t know me , so please live me alone, I’m just saying to you nicely Teresa, you really don’t know me, hiding behind a computer is easy, not so easy how I live my life and defend myself, 20 against 1? Fucking muslim marrocans, selling drugs all day in my town in my country, and I fight with these idots until I die, the curious thing while I was punching all these guys it seems 5 spaniards step on and got to them, and I got their cell number as he said if they, the muslim marrocans, go against you antother day, call me. By the God father is a Marrocan so don’t give me shit about that, i see people not groups. And show me the comment that I call you a bitch, you are the one that is delusional since you probably have money and some….honey!
        And you little bitch…o no, didn’t say that, you fucking people deserve it, fucking rich punks, go call the police or wordpress police or…..something. Have you even read my blog? My guess is not, I have faith in humans but not like you, take a shower, drink milk, and eat some American pie,
        love ya, forgot, I bet you are going to comment on my comment, is just how you type of people are weird, just keep on trolling, I will behave, you want to know where I live? I’ll give it to you after so much of your bullying, I say please again, don’t push it

      4. Hey Teresa, You were away too casual. Do NOT invite any man to be abusive to me. Do NOT love any man who would be a “savage.” and you spoke about me behind my back, so you deserve this warning. #metoo sister. So yer a bitch until further notice.

      5. And now I’m a savege…. You’re like ANTfA with nothing to say only call idiotic names when antother person disagrees with you, but acutally I like it, I can make you see and hear and think? You’re just person,
        hold on I was watching this video

        You don’t want to write to me on the other posts, just in about page, I dare you bitch, kidding, you where the one who called you that, so now have a pair of…….eggs, and write to me what I write, sorry if it is not o.k but since you are a dumb idiot bully, but in your mind I think you love it, anyways just write a comment in the posts I post, lets see how it goes for you, little freak

      1. Why do you write “total jerk” in big letters?
        I’m smarter than you and your husband put together lady,
        at least i have some fun, not gonna be able to hang out tomorrow with you precious people.
        Gotta work.
        Anyways I’m going to send you my police, he ha ha

      2. Good for you Charly, work will be better for you than drinking and going to jail and beating people up. People who are smart, don’t go around announcing it.

      3. But I’m not smart as you can see, he he…. I knew you couldn’t resist to comment back, hence I am smarter, plus in jail they are quite smart, also in the army, also in……forgot,
        I actually bet with my roomate that you where going to comment again, so now I won 10$, thanks

      4. go to bed. You are bored and do not want to feel sad. I am boring and i make u feel sad. U have better things to do. U said you were going to work. do that. follow thru Charly Priest. I’m sorry i hurt your feelings as a man.

      5. Yu didn’t hurt my feelings you just pissed me off wich is quite a difference and one that you don’t want to compare, when you declare you are a “tough guy” you live by that.
        hahaha, still commenting to me….Jesus, at least is funny

      6. no… you see sad people who aren’t allowed to express their full range of emotions become angry people. I am not trying to hurt you Charly. But i realize you feel backed into a corner and threatened so anything I say or offer is just harmful. Sorry I hurt your feelings. I don’t know what it’s like in spain. I don’t actually want to continue this juvenile exchange.
        good nite.

      7. You got to be kidding me….. do you know me? No is the answer so stop if now, not fucking around, I don’t like trolls fucking with me, actually I’m laughing right now, since it is the opposite, you trolls don’t want me to get really pissed off

      8. I never trolled anyone in my life. This is your comment section you have allowed. You aren’t really pissed off Charly. You are aroused, but not pissed. 🙂 Yer funny.

      9. here are the lyrics to the song… Alekesam “All Is Forgiven” Lyrics:
        All is forgiven All is forgiven All is forgiven

        All is forgiven Sometimes I think about things before they happen

        Floating around in my head for a while

        All of a sudden it’s grown too big to handle

        Changed its clothes and grown a mind of its own

        Too loud to listen, too proud to put paper to the pen

        Clean up this place from the vacuum of my head

        Too many times zones 2000 planes

        Take on the distance it only brings me back again

        These books are overdue and there’s a tenderness inside

        The depth of the liner watch the characters comes alive

        Dip into the system feel the volume fill the space

        Bending horizons fall into place All is forgiven

        All is forgiven All is forgiven time will clean us Absolute

        Absolution All is forgiven time is a genius Absolute Absolution All is forgiven All is forgiven

        Why don’t we shift these shapes make the landscape disappear

        Tectonic plates serving powers to your fears Sometimes I hear that voice when words were never spoken

        Proceed with caution before glass is ever broken

        Quantise the grove while it’s dancing in your head

        Control emotions find them drifting instead

        Too way feel better about it, go and knit some sweaters about it

        Two stone statues trying hard not to laugh

        Maybe there’s something in the movement, or the stillness of the air

        Put that good stuff on ice and keep that elephant over there

        Let’s shift through modern times, I hold the future past

        None existing obstacles squarely in our path All is forgiven time will clean us

        Absolute Absolution All is forgiven time is a genius Absolute Absolution All is forgiven time will clean us Absolute Absolution All is forgiven Absolute Absolution

      10. I want you to stop commenting to me now Charly, ok? Please just stop worrying and fretting and needing sooooo much reassurance. The world doesn’t revolve around you. The song is good because of the man who wrote it and what his intentions are in his music and surfing and mentoring.
        You should like the song… and now forget about me and everything we have exchanged because I do not endorse you, follow, or like you. I wish you peace and love on your journey and hope you stop commenting to me. PLEASE.

    1. Not really, you’re quite ugly.
      Punk, you want to talk? I’ll give you the place where I live, promise, don’t fucking ever in your dumb life threaten me, I will react and you won’t like me on that art. You fucking punk, now your getting me worked up, You and your spouse are crazy as shit, and I don’t put up with crazies nor trolls, trust me you don’t know me as far as I can go, just call my local police and ask them, you stupid fucking piece of shit you are, “Chuck and do we need to talk”? Get out of here you shit face, If I where you I’ll do something, don’t fuck around with people like me.

  14. Hi Charly, I know I’ve left a comment here last 2015 with my other account. I’m glad that this blog is still up and running. I love your words and creativity when it comes to writing 🙂 More power to you my friend! 🙂

  15. May I give you and each of your readers to “Live in the present” and to make the best out of it, because you live only once (though I must confess I am in my third life – after two near death experiences). Before you are pushed with your noose in the reality of nearby death you should enjoy and find the many opportunities in life.

  16. “All is forgiven Absolute Absolution” you write but it is not because Jesus gave his life for all and to whitewash the sins of all, that people can just do what they want. People have to live according to the Law of God and should repent for the things they did wrong and should try to live a righteous life.

    Success with writing and many good thoughts about the way of life and building up a righteous world.

      1. Come on, you won´t go along with my sarcasm?
        I also saved life´s by the way by tooking other´s, easy. I rest in peace since those nutheads are not.
        And now you got me pissed off so I´m going to read you.

    charlypriest ha comentado Aprender a organizar el cuerpo

    Te voy a denunciar por hacerme mover mi cuerpo de esa manera y ahora no tengo ni la Columba que funcione, estoy en grave estado…… denunciado!
    Soy del Real Madrid pero…….va el video creo que te gustara y los comentarios en de los ingleses son graciosos. Este Messi si parece un extratereste

    He intentado contestarte a tu mail pero devuelven los correos.
    Se puede saber qué te pasa????? Te parece normal escribir esto????!!!

    1. And I don´t even have Charisma…but not compared to the 25,000 that follow you, damn I need more charisma, maybe sticking around you some of yours rubs off on me.
      Again, great job Don I appreciate it, and I appreciate you asking me to write about this situation of Spain in your blog.

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