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smile charly

What happened between that me and the now weird me?
Just life,
There is no wife…. don´t care about that.
Getting played too much….might be.
For me,
Why? I ask myself that before that I was aware,
I could handle that share.
It is not a sin to get knocked down, it´s a sin to not get up.
I better fucking start smiling, and not drinking.
Fucking being drinking and depressed…..I have to clean that mess
I believe and hope that you don´t care
That would be a scare.
But I feel better writting it out and worst in public,
Let´s go Charly Brown out and about.
(This shit is turning into a diary….so be it)

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


unfortunately i can kill(last post you care?)

I know that drinking puts me at ease,
normally people get hyped up with alcohol, not in my case.
If I don´t drink and see reality I really get mad. To the point.
If you don´t kill me?
I will. Unfortunately. I can feel vulnerable and this or that,
have killed in army, now is a new life, can´t lie.
I do have it inside me I know that, just trying to not-
be swat and a twat.
last post, 2-30 a in the am in Spania, at least i´m not living in the street.
i still got one beat, gotta.
last post for all the humans to know….fucking weird but weird is that I feel better.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

my take on trump

My take on it I´ll make it quick.

Watching in the internet FOX NEWS(evil),
he has the personality,a message that will stick to his base,and some.
He will win 2020. That is for me to say that against all the other ” political experts”
that I will be right 60%. He says outloud what I think
in the comforts of my living room,
apart from the 80+ year old man that was installing the electrical cords
in my mother house and me not trying to laugh while he was explaining himself,
“too many marrocans in Spain”.
Trump, he says outloud everything for people to hear, that is not normal politics,
but it resonates with his base. And that base is quite a lot.
Not only my marrocan comparison, got it? He is a fighter, people love that
who wouldn´t, impeach him? na, through shit at him? yep, but it doesn´t stick.
How is your economy stupid? Said by Billy the Bill Clinton. Pretty good.

Argue with me, I did in Saaaaan Francisco! Got too many A´s in philosophy.
I made my point quick.I did had to put a bit of thought to write this, your welcome.
Now me…..drink cocacola.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Going out on a limb

I had all this great poetry stored
but I don´t want to get bored.
Fuck! What a nutcase this one and the other one,
just talking about my criminal roomate and this other bitch,
I call her like that since it is her job.
There is much to the story, don´t worry,
important thing is why I feel sorry,
actually since I was with this bitch I had to tell my cool criminal
Brazillian roomate….. I´m sorry for you, gotta get out and about,
but I hate bullies, I know I can destroy them, part of my life it has been,
just gotta love their faces when it comes. I´ll get hit before…for sure
but at the end I don´t want to but I´ll end the war.
Didn´t start the war, I just do end it.Have to, not being brave behind the
computer, I just know it. Sheeeeeeeat!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


At age 37 going on seven,
I overthink too much or…. I´m a nuts
tell you why, first off I´m actually writing about me,
so maybe a narcissist ge, (doubt it though)
I see, I hear,
the thing is that what I see I hear then I just write it,
I´m “loco”, or crazy since I´m lazy.
Words and phrases stick with me,
that is,
the words and phrases that I find interesting,
Yet again….

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.