Jail time

I´ll be probably out by this morning, have the police standing
around me as of right now. They know me, I know them and their last
police chief that was indicted for stealing the marrocans drugs,
prostitution, and a bunch of things. These idiots know me I know them,
The are actually waiting standing just over me, good news is that
they can´t read english, good news I´ll just spend the night in a better
bed that I have in my cool room.
They know about my past history and unfortunately for them I know them.
After spending almost 5 years in the army, these bitches for me, will
be great in the long run. Family is involved,the ones who I love. Why did they came?
It was an ugly fight with the marrocans, had to pull the knife specially
when they got access to my apartment. I just can not and will not stay back.
How you doing police shit? Those are actually my words to these two idiots behind
me, where are the cuffs? Nope, probably they had a shortage of them.

Stay Frosty gents and gents, forget about women, 😉

These idiots are still standing behind me, that can tell you something.

National Charly day

There goes the quote wich I have no idea how the fuck it got there,
this technology… nice quote by the way.

I saw a post that said National Cat Day…..
I have also notice that there is a day and month for anything you can think of,
Lets make today wich is Monday, Charly Day.

He is so handsome
Girls want a piece of his home
Looking at that picture of me drinking coffee
I fooled you since it was whiskey
Lets begin
I hail the outlaws
Wich was what is was
I hail the underdog
Wich I knew a guy called frog

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I love trump

Sorry. that was one of my ex girlfriends, what is wrong with you women?!!!!
If I was a woman I would pay to be with me. She is sexy though. True by the way.

I love Trump
I saw him pushing and aunt

I love…love?
Good in the DOF, or department of defense
And he build a big fence
A player
He is the mayor
Smart hardworking
And he doesn´t do the smoking
He does deals that are choking

That´s it, I won´t go into my personal politics. Hope you read a fun!!
You, and you punk……sorry Little sister I thought there was a skunk.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.