my thoughts

dead man in war

Believe it or not, me, have seen it and not on t.v.
Still gave me the chills. Just the reality.


no crying

Here goes a quick story.

She does not cry for her (she has cancer), for other people yes,me,
specially me being the tough ex military MAN wich it is her son.
I just saw her today and she brought to me some great appetizers,
gave her a kiss at first as a MAN, suddenly I broke down,
so I just left, didn´t wan´t her to see me crying like a bitch.

The point being is that through writing I can express myself better than talking,
quite a problem really but is the truth.

There goes the story.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Best football player of all times

Quite some of my girlfriends tell me ¨ He is just hot, he is cocky,he has a superman complex¨
Specially the girls, and what I think that I do not say out loud is….
¨You fucking hippocras, if this guy turns up to your house naked with
millions of dollars stuck in his ass, you will fuck him….. probably even I would¨

He is coky, he is self absorb, but people are not linear, there is other
things to this person, I only put this ¨romantic video¨ of him.

But really I do not quite actually care about him, I do care when he makes the goals,
without this one, we, the REAL MADRID, a spanish soccer team, would be……

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Hot guy looking for a lady


It´s your chance, now or never baby dolls.

I´m just looking for a woman that smokes, drinks,cooks good,
specially hamburgers and lots and lots of them. And that she pays
the rent plus all the smokes and drinks.

You might think that is too much but in return this is what you will get:

The best sex in your life, and I am actually quite funny. Not because I try to be,
it just comes out of my mouth some weird things and happens to me some weird things,
all of them…..well maybe not all but most of them are laughable. So 50% of the time
you´ll be laughing with me and the other 50% at me.

Forgot, you have to take care of this
She cares the shit out of me, I´m actually a bit traumatized I think.

So give me a thumbs up in comments if yes and if no a thumbs down, and if no girls are
willing, hey guys…..I´m open to options.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.