my thoughts

antifa communist

I don’t get into politics..
but here is what sink.
Welcome to Spain, I know is the U.S here
but we have dealt with this communist fascist
for years so is nothing new. Specially when
i was in the army, they did tell you to go out
in pairs or groups, and we certainly kick their ass,
go to minute 12/30 I you like and so these
“peace loving”people, they got mazed the other side
and even though I have my own politics I know these
communist bastards quite well, I did stap one,
after I got jumped by 5 of them.
So now the American people can see what these
fucking pieces of shit do.


I lost a friend

I lost a good friend
why? you can say and do it to bend
She says I’m a drunk, true, but is not you
who has to battle every day to overcome this
addiction wich now doesn’t give me any erection.
It is normal for people that don’t suffer from addiction
to understand those who do, and I suffer ever fucking day,
I just got home from the detox center, trying and trying,
every fucking day to not have a fucking drink, yes,
she maybe right I do stink.

Here goes why I’m also pissed off, did this “friend”,
remember when she called at 6 a.m waking me up and
telling me all her life and sad stories and me listening
and giving her the best advice I can give? Does she also
remember recently that I was there for her? Nope,
I’m definitely not perfect, but I am a good person
and that I know, I do screw up once in a while….
But what the fuck girl? You could also be a bit
understanding of me, I don’t expect her to do that
so what? Do I enjoy the times to listen
to her miseries? Because my life is great and I don’t
have any problems to deal with…..
And me telling her, you will overcome it, and more
positive shit. So no, she could also be a bit more
understanding instead of being in her own world
wich everything revolves around her.

Wooooohaa! It felt good writing it down.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Peace is the only way for the understanding of man kind,
it’s a mutual accord if humanity can afford….but no,
is not how this life go,in my country Spain there is a lot
of turmoil now wich the Catalans, people showing pictures
of the police charging the violent manifestators wich they
are the puppets of their creators, liers and manipulators Peace…..
there was half of the other part of Catalonia that finally
manifested themselves in huge numbers in favour of keep
being part of Spain, “silent minority”, why so late did they
go to the streets in favour of staying as part of Spain, because
of their pain, and fear, they live there in fear,there was numerous
incidents after the manifestation that people wearing the Spanish flag
got attacked, neighbours pointing fingers at other neighbours, they
are the majority but are silence by a violent minority the Catalans are
divided, but you can’t talk peace with those who violate
a countries laws and are violent themselves, you talk peace through
strength get the army out and put them in their dumb shelf’s.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Good music

God music… always depends on the people, hopefully we don’t all have the same taste.
By the way I’m the black guy with the glasses. Yep, I fooled you, I’m black so let’s
start, get your grove on and we all behind the computer start dancing….
Hey you! I saw you through my CIA connections and you are not dancing very good.
By the way, the lyrics sound true to my life. Most of them that is. And the girl is

Stay Frosty gents and yes I will add gentesses, with the condition that you women
give me a kiss. If not I take away the gentesse thing.

happy happy…pappy!!!

That’s me by the way, I just put some make up on and starting dancing the “giggy giggy”

Lets go under 300 words to the point so I don’t bore you.
So this woman that I met through wordpress 5 years ago she is actually gonna
visit my family, or my mother better said, I’m just the side kick.

She comes with her husband…..shit piss wank! Anybody who has read me for
some time they know I suffer from OCF (Obsessive Compulsive Flirt)
and I was telling my psychologist in the detox center exactly that,
that when I see a women my head goes directly in seeing her naked and in
bed with me, a hot one that is, so I have to have a problem I told her.
Guess what? The psychologist starts laughing her eyeballs, the way I said
it and all. She did comfort me that if that wasn’t the case she would be
more worried, so no I’m not gay it seems, nothing against gays the best
individual I have met was my uncle who was gay, but I see them as
individuals not put them all in a category.

She makes my mother happy, no wonder considering the son she has, and they
are actually inviting her to a trip to the south of Spain. I think my mother
is gonna say “fuck those idiots, meaning me and my father, I’m gonna go live
with these two good people.”

By the way, in Spain when you meet someone you give them two kisses one in each
cheek with women obviously, but I don’t know about the Indians, do I just shake her
hand? I don’t want to piss off the husband, plus even worst I don’t want to piss off
my mother, she already put a knife on my throat and told me “you better be at your
best when they come!!!!” Scared the shit out of me.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.