my thoughts

Make your bed

Really? So easy.I got a crazy theory….

If you make every morning your bed, it’s just a small task right?
But making your bed it reinforces that the little things matter in life,
reinforces that you wake up and have that small task to do, and from there
you can reach the sky. So…. make the bed.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


I just got away from killing

Trust me or better not, I can get in the doubtful knot
and come out…. like a nice looking slut.
So today was the day that again the police came to my room,
broom broooooooooom! Yep, talk about men hitting girls,
why the fuck you don’t talk once in a while about girls, in my case,
having two guys in front of my door ready to kick the shit out of me.
Because of her, she told them that. So fuck all that shit.

Not the first time, but the first time I did came out with a knife,
so the police told me that was not nice and the next time to call
them first I did something before their behest.

So today I did call them when I saw they were there,
the bitch thought I would be scared?
Eventually the real problem is that I live with 3 more people,
and here was the trick, the girl who I pay the rent wanted to
get me the fuck out of there,quite normal really, but I just
started saying how much I understood her and then went into
a rambling about my experience in the USA, she surely didn’t
know about that, so kept her mind out of the other thing, so I’m good.
I think, who knows.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Antifa communist

It seems that there in the U.S you just figured out that there
is a socialist/communist people.I specially like them. Fucking idiots
are still living in their mammas house. Point being, here in Spain is normal
too see this, never thought it was also in the U.S. Seems so, and as much I
have easy you pease, they do represent a hate group as you can see on the video.
I could go on and on with my arguments against them, but I’m tired and lazy,
so I’ll just put the video and you can comment, wich wouldn’t be a smart move since
part of my life job is to argue with people, si I’ll destroy you verbally
You just can’t win, if I have the time and I get bored I’ll send you a comment.
Hit it!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses,