my thoughts

analysis of information

Analyse of information is all. And I have no idea how
I came across this thing, ya know! But I think that is every two moons.
It is in Spanish though….. I can translate it in 2 sentences…or more.

Everything is information, you wake up and
your mind is already working based on the information
you had.There is also disinformation, but all is tangible information.
Just to keep it light what I just wrote. But this man, who knows who
the hell he came from with this information thing, but what he says is true,
and if you don’t get it you are in a disadvantage.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


how to loose followers

People talk about writing for others and that is the reality
problem with me, I don’t give a shit… sorry i had to spit.
Why in the world would people follow me? I think is the CIA
anyways it’s my ways

I love the guy, not in the gay way though,
he says outluod to the whole word what a bunch of us
are saying in the living room, but then have to be
politically correct when you talk out off the living room.
The name of the blog is crazy life, but sometimes I get serious…
i think, or was that my last drink?
less followers and less people in general
are heated debates about politics
since they are not in the sincs.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I’m as weird as it comes….

Yo! I’ m reading here shut up!
That was me yesterday. Christmas Eve. I live in a first floor room
in a rented apartment and with two bars just below my window, so
yesterday you can imagine the party people were having. I didn’t go out,
I staid alone in my room, alone with the 3 other people that live with me
that also are spending these Christmas holidays alone. And I thought I
was going to be the only one, but it seems not.

Weird thing, all people that I know that most are a bunch of crazy unsavory
characters, that is why I try to stay away, but is hard when you live in a
town as small as a football stadium, would be wanting to go out, party,
have “fun”, well my fun was reading yesterday, and writing and doing
translations from Japanese to English….kidding, Spanish to English.
And today Christmas, When Jesus was born I’ll stay at home with my
other 3 roommates and do the same again and the weirdest thing is that
I’m happy. I haven’t dranked, I think that having 0 money helps also the
situation. But I’m more than comfortable.

I probably have become a bit of a recluse, but my energies are spend
on my writing craft, wich it seems is not going too well by the way.

Anti social….maybe, yesterday night I was talking with my hot roommate,
to whom is the one I pay monthly, but while I listened
to her (mostly), I catched myself thinking about the story I was in the
middle of writing, and I didn’t know how to tell her to shut up since
I had a story to write. Point being, people bore me in general. I said
in general.mUnless I have dranked then even the trees I find funny,
people just plain out bore me, at least the
people that I know and have known most of my life since I have lived
a bad life, but these little criminals and whores around town they bore
me as hell.

So one Christmas with my 3 roommates most of the day each in their room,
unless we meet in the kitchen when cooking and maybe talk. But I prefer
this, write and read and right now since everyone in town is hung over
from yesterdays party it’s silent, the whole town is silent. Beautiful.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Spanish legion

Holy wakamoly, if you can believe it that was me at age 19,
after 4 months of training they induct you in this fraternity
and they give you they “Chapiri”, or the fucking hat that was uncomfortable, yet
again everything is uncomfortable in the military I can guarantee you that much,
it sounds dumb and for me all the chanting and the hat and all the “process”
but I just wanted to taste combat. Although I was
a very “green and green” soldier. Still fun to remember.
You can watch if you want the firs 1 minute, I never learned
all the “canticos”, or chants….I already said that, dam! Now you
know why I joined…..

Stay Frosy gents and gentesses.

It hurts!!!

I hope you were not eating…..damn it hurts!
Mine is not all that messed up but red, blue, bigger than a baseball,
and I can barely walk. Who would have thought that the little “pissan”
of a nail would create such barbaric pain. I should sue somebody…..but
I don’t know who, it would be kind of stupid to sue myself.
Damn it hurts!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.