my thoughts

the truth will set you free

If you are doing something wrong and somebody tells you is wrong, it´s hard to swallow that truth pill.

Yet if someone goes along with your bullshit, it makes you feel fine, or at least it validates the wrong.

For me personally, I prefer when somebody tells me the truth that I´m fucking up my life and the life of others, hard pill to swallow but if you get the right mindset, then you can ride that mountain.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

vietnam veterans-sad

There is a video but too long,take a look at it if you wish.
43 minutes bellow after my statement.

I as a former combat infantry guy can relate to some things of these
people, some things. Bottom line is that mentally they are fucked up.
Obviously not all the people who served in that war.

I even had the mindset of killing me crossed my mind. Also crossed my mind later to go and live like a hermit.

Luckly for me there was one person that I could not let down, but I did,
and it was not all those girls I have been with, not saying that as a
badge of honour, but true.

Point being, I could not kill myself or go into hermit life in the woods and disappear because of why who? Mother.
She is the ¨MAN¨.

It is just sad with these guys.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

very hard men

I think I´m tough because of my military experience,
apart from that….nothing. I came up with a familly who
provided lights,food, roof over the head, education,mom is my communication,
dad is the rare but necessary infiltration.

Father (and mother)grew up with absolutely no money after the Spanish civil war,
I can go and go and go on about how he made it to what he is now
and I think even before.

His 3 other brothers lets say to be nice, are not the best,
but he made something of himself. I won´t go into much detail,
apart from reading my post of him,fuck shit!

I believe these type of people are really born with a drive,
that drive took him to places that when I learn from it,
from mother ofcourse since this man will never tell me nothing,
that fucking drive you have to be born with it. My guess,
but even though I might have not been up to his expectations
or I might have been I will never really know and I don´t really
care by the way, it´s me and me, love him to death though and he,
well my pretty guess is that, in his own way, he does loves me.

Getting out of topic, a hard man, from building bricks to
building nations on politicians that are SOME, not all, dicks.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Marine shot-quite intense

Never been in the US Marines, I have been with the Spanish Legion.
I have seen things like this and after quite some years it gives me
the chills chiwawa!

Yep I´m drunk, so I go back to that part
is that smart? But it is the truth.
Fuck it, for you civilians is better to see it,
not smell it, or really hear the voice, just fucking see it.
I´m pretty good at writing when I´m drunk…I have proofread.
Not really drunk really, but as a former soldier specially from my
country, Americans should be not proud of this but,
they should have a lot of respect for these people.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses

no crying

Here goes a quick story.

She does not cry for her (she has cancer), for other people yes,me,
specially me being the tough ex military MAN wich it is her son.
I just saw her today and she brought to me some great appetizers,
gave her a kiss at first as a MAN, suddenly I broke down,
so I just left, didn´t wan´t her to see me crying like a bitch.

The point being is that through writing I can express myself better than talking,
quite a problem really but is the truth.

There goes the story.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.