(Charles Pnzi…..know today as the Ponzi Scheeme)

The so proclaimed girlfriend of mine, seems in her head to try to fuck me,
couldn´t do it in person, she did take me to trial for ” violence against women”,
I was found not guilty since I didn´t do anything of what she said and proven by
the prosecutors own witnesses.

I do believe (so and so) that when she still calls and tells me about hackers, she could be very well
be in that type of mind frame,(plus quite some others) I also believe she can´t do shit.
She is just bluffing, and with others… No, you can´t get me. Pisses you off I know that,
sorry, my familly you think is worry about the? No, telling me she has my bank codes or more
sorry, not gonna worry, trying to put fear on me? No.
I take it seriously, but no fear believe me.

You bitch and bitches that “work for her”, you think there is nobody watching you?
at this stage? Punks.
Give time to time.
Pure war, and I have always won on not firefights but loooong war.
Don´t you people have anything else to do in your life? I do, and is not to fuck others,
yet I will fuck you up quite literally if you intrude on me. Makes sense you

At the end of the day…. nothing for me, trust me on that one.
(giving them a bait, or not a bait but for bitch and bitch friends, I will dessintegrate you)

You got a problem

Apart from other things let me concentrate on this person,
I thought people were good, I belive that.
So I got this one dummy, I first thought not to give him the entertainment,
But you do not try to fuck me with idiotics
The man the glory…. o.k, got me in youtube to comment shit, why do you think it is?
Fuck you dummy, told ya sir, you can try but will not win, so so wso
Make you a promotion by the way. And my believe is that you are from Cataluña
Say thanks to the razy
This was not even cathartic, just bored. So there you go sir.
Fuck it, almost forgot, I did say in the comment I can tract you down and also you me.
Stay Frosty.

Fuck me

As a catholic( i did spell that wrong)
To my disgrace in my face I did call her BITCH
I know there are bad people, got that
jesus Christ, she keeps on going with her comments,
to the point,
i´m smoking joint after her crazy things
you or might not belives.
Didn´t even read her crazy comments,
She said something that I use women…….yep, and she keeps on going
The link is down, I have nothing to hide so there ya go sista.
So transparancy, maybe it is why she is pissed off or go and fuck
a dude a dudesses, but leave me alone, I sound like a pussy,
until you hit my stop sign, you have a life? I asked her in the comment,
now is this Bitch going to make me mad, behind your computer,
what the fuck? Battle of words, and yes mam, piss me off more or
harrass my blog, I will destroy you, punk ass bitch, you think what?
I live a hard life bitch, you comming or eat the com. dot com. idiot.
So here she goes with her ramble, dumb piece of….sorry now for me not
for this person, and she will continue. Yes mam, I´m so Smart that I use women
right? You did really hit the stop sign, no bullshit, get a life or a cock,
You really want to deal with me? Punk ass there you go with the bitch, all in there.
Me afraid of what? Military deployed living with criminals and now this idiot. There you go beautiful lady, it´s you and you.Sorry forgot to say Bi..hitch. Dumb ass. And I´m taking back in the sense you are a pathetic female that only wants to ruin, if you where a guy got your shit kicked off your pants, punk. Here is the link, you decide. My moral compass is right. Piece of shit this women,
told you, come to my town and see how much you live, not behind the coputer, bitch.

out of my chest

The battle of WordPress! I think this is the second time or maybe third time
that a person has gone off the wall with me, and about what? I wrote the piece
about life is beautiful! I did call her a bitch though. Sorry is that as bad as her
talking about my military service and calling me a killer? Later on after my response
then I was a troll, then later on…later on…later on… she send me I don´t know how
many comments, not nice ones obviously so who is the troll? Who are you to call me a killer?
As I said in one comment to her, If you weere a guy next facing me I will fuck you up.
Don´t test “the grandious Charly the great” 😉 bullshitting with this last line.
Probably that is why she got so emotional, but I will call her bitch since I call guys bitch
it can be a term of endearment or a term of insult, latter for this woman
O, later she accuses me that I use women followers as a shield, so my response is that go
talk to them, last thing I need to hear from a person….and on and on and on.
So I decided to be transparent and
show her comments in the other post and expose you. Not in my nature really. But really,
do not mess with my integrety or try to do backflips with false accusations.
That I will not tolerate, so if you want to see her comments there is the link, and a link to
her page also, just exposing her and I believe I did it with a HIM, so don´t play that
sexist card with me. You don´t have arguments you are pissed off so go and rant off to…

drunk at 5.a.m thoughts

You women are caaaazy!
Let´s begin and make it short to the point.
I´ll put an example, my mother. She goes nuts on me
when I talk with her, funny thing is that if I don´t call her
every fucking day she calls me asking if I´m alright, good, she cares about me.
Didn´t hear from her while in the army and deployed, or homeless later,
so I reassure her I´m good. Even though I´m not.

Take my father, no showing emotions I can see, he did help me and still does in his own way
but he certainly doesn´t expect from me to hear my voice on the phone every day.
Pisses him off.
Yet he was there in my tough situations not my mother.
Are aliens
A matter of protest

Sentiments, bullshits, take that to women in general(general)
that I have been with…….that was more than one point to end.

Still love ya ladideeeeeeeeeeeeees!

P.S. Sorry, not drunk, but had to put a crazy title.
Read ya latter you innovator.

2 a.m not drunk again

Rafael Nadal my idol, tennis this is. I did play tennis as a youngster,
believe it or not I was good. Then goes Roger Federer. Rivals and friends.
Another point is that they are very different yet at the same time the same,
the rivalry makes one and the other to push themselves even further.
Plus my 2.a.m not drunk eddition…. I´m just a weirdo. But have a watch and laugh,
if you want to.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Happy Christmas?

I hate this holiday, specially now, mother with cáncer and weak, I have
two appointments with doctors to see how fucked up is my body on the 28th
of this month and this is what I´m listening too, before I go to my mothers
house and try to bring, some joy to the world!

Fucking weird I am.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses, Happy Christmas, hope is better than mine.
But I do very much appreciate the comments some people leave, I´m very greatful,
I do hope that for all of you people it Will be a great Christmas.

bad women-video

I understand that most of this things happen it´s a great percentage by men.

There is a small group of women, I don´t know the percentage,
and say this crazy things. Wich is devastating to a man, I experience my self,
even if the court and witnesses, say what it really happen and you have
the court papers saying you, in this case me are absolved of the charges brought
falsely against me, you still have her false paper trail.

So fuck you bitch.

It may sound rude, but she is. Actually she still calls me, and today,
she calls me to ask me if I needed money to pay the room rent and she would give
me the money if she could stay…..just crazy, yet again, smart-crazy so answer is NO, you fucked up your life so I´m not going to accompany in your path.

Better run, specially how the laws are here. Better run…. sad.
I won´t back down either for crazy bitches that sooner or later will end up in ditches,
not from me but probably from someone else that they fucked up too much. For me,
when she called today yet again, I had to laugh it out.

Also I felt that men are now a days not giving the nearest Benefit of the doubt,
specially when it comes to these conniving manipulative liar of bitches. So again,
go use your physical sexyness to fuck other guy, but not me, bitch.

So I can definitely be empathic with this young man.
Plus I´m still a flirt and looooove ya

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.