A “hero” (funny that Word) was born perfect?

Shit…..looks like me,or not, shit,
This was me
not my fault…
yesterday I got stabbed by the fucking marrocans, (didn´t say muslim)
just the bunch of thief´s in my town
before i leave i promise they will be underground
and me,
not forgiven
so I fight in ¨ the dark ugly piece of shit sand¨,
called for some Afghanistan or Afghanishiit
they do pay me for that, so at least if I made it
I hade some dough to buy a hooos!

That is me sexxxxxyyyyyy!!!

A hero was made
And it was deployed and redeployed
THe idiot loved the adrenaline
As much as our bondship and not so much the bloodshit

get out of here, fucking hot, writing shit that is not s.. I forgot.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The a of spades

Magic, they also say that is exotic,
is it magic or con artist, let me say..?. Is not political the video,
it was the one I got hold on, point being…
magic does bring different people from different ideas,
together, talk about this other blogger giving me her great opinion
“keep working on nature” or global worming, some dumb shit
like that, I specially like it when they are rich and have
a good life, wich I love, love to see people doing good,
but is not my life, so …………hit it!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

For you mom !

Look at you mom!
this one is for you
first off, I do love you
although I know I do screw up to me and you
but hold on mom……
i did go to the prom
no, it was not a with a nun
but you know the gun ho boy!
he will be when the time needs the coy
cause I´m a cowboyyyyy!!!!
love ya
all ways be there with ya
I will outsmart ya……doubt that one,
but you do know I´m still not done
cause I do have to win
the big one

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

GOD (poem)

Giving me guidance to me, the imperfect, I sure need it, hope you believe it and forgive it
Onother day that I look up to you, I always ask you for help when I´m in a bind I know is not right my mind
Doing me a favour everytime,why don´t you mind? Hope today YOU tell the truth since you are the real sleuth

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses have a great day.

My name is (poem)

My name is what?
i don´t live in a hut
My name is what?
i do have a good butt

My name is Charly
from time to time i like to play with some´s Barbie
My name is Charly
sometimes i get into some snarly and I love to eat barley!

My name is what? just that, maybe a twat maybe a mosaic map
sometimes both run the same crap.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses

Can´t take a bow (poem)

This is survival or what?
Can´t say what I know is not!

Just is not in me
believe it
or not

Judicial system went against me
until the truth came reality
which is not the normality

Saying the truth
most of the times leaves you
in just a mess to tell you the truth

I just couldn´t back down
even when my own attorney told me
to say I was wrong

For a lighter sentence
when I didn´t do it
I just couldn´t say it
say I was wrong, no
I couold be a clown

But the truth seems sometimes….it does just means.

So I just couldn´t take a bow, for lies of another clown
guess I was lucky this time
saying the truth may work sometimes.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.