Ants smarty pants

This is werid, but you know how you stare at ants and see how they
function as a group? Maybe I´m the only one, don´t know,
but as a kid was watching these ants while waiting for the bus to take me somewhere..
Later on it translated how my experience in the military worked.
So go with Ants-Military.

Psychology one o one

Wax on Wax off, turn your mind to this then to that, then shut it.
Apart from my personal tragedies and all this Corona,
be Victoria (had to rhyme sorry)
I´m capable of that, I know it´s not for most normal people,
for me it is. Turn the abnormal not to normal,just accept it´s not normal
make it work.
Never let the head go nuts. They should study my brain process and how
I conciously and other times unconsciously train my brain,
I see the angles. Just deal with them, and most important swithch it off.

Today I actually think I went to bed for my mental thing, I couldn´t be
physically tired. I know that, but mentally it broke me.
I let it rest without thinking of nothing, literally I went blank, and now good.

Quite a story. I probably knew it before it happened, if not I wouldn´t train my
mind that way.

Tried to put the least words as I can in this wordpress thing
that I don´t know when the sentece is going to be cut and the rest, you know when you write
it in the so called private it comes out all sentences right in the line and then
you publish it and the fucking sentences got cut. End parenthesis, no double meaning.

Have a great day gents and gentesses.


Quite freaky if one person, that would be her self proclaimed my girlfriend,
trying to maneuver, maybe, to say that she´ll cut my worpress account.
I did a dismount,
If the whore (sorry to use that word but you do fuck for money so technically
in the dictiornary that is whore) Forget dictionaries….Jeeeeesus.
So the bitch and quite some others would be my guess, trying to shut me of wordpress?
I shut my brain off, you got to be kidding me that it will make my head crazy,
no, sorry, although you did got me to write about it, you got to be thankful,
making you famous
and not me so curious
By the way if your personality is a Narcisist personality, hence go grativty
to sociopathy- I expected this long time. And my bet is you are trying to fuck
with my head, just can´t happen. I do write it about it for other reasons though,
yaaaaaaaaa know bro!
(The hole situation it is quite freaky, so take a deep breath an swithch if off)

I´m a freak pretender( secret to writing great)

was harmony,
freaky and sneeky
good song we have now
let us bow
The Priest
pretender and no ender.

(I just put the fucking potato on hot water to have it boiled and make salad
and this came to mind, probablythe words I read or heard in youtube, freaky that it
suddently popped into the head while being in the kitchen a bit less pretender
you know you can always surender, My mental process, If I repeat it over and over again
it will stick into my head and when least expect it, it comes up, there ya go the secret
to great poetery….=


Forget my dummy posts about military.
Was that not cool and scary?

I do eventually have a person to refer to
Father for you

Mother for me
Stings like a bee

Father does always tell me the truth,(in his own way)
I see I hear in his voice, plus I do know the man,
“Things are going to get tough”. ( For us bad for me, for everyone)

All I needed, no more words.

Out of this blogging thing for now. Appreciate it for reading.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.