yo mamma boy

yo! I funked U:S colllege, then regardles,
momma said “back to school or Work” and said, not pretty thigns since I was THE MAN
so I joint the arm( Spanish Lgion. To kkep my great story short, this was 19, last time
I saw her was in my 30 yearl MAN just again surviging.Justafter that shit, amd forgot being homeless…

you are my love poem

Every time I see you;
The grass gets greener
And I get meaner

Every time I see you;
The sky gets more blue
I only think how to make you disappear from my view

You are my poetry
For infinity
Killing you softly…
Calmly I feel to write my poetry
And finally do the real party

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

20$ dollars in the bank…fuck

It´s day 8,
I was going to bake a cake
I realized
To my demise
Only 20 bucks in my bank account….
hit it!
Paid my…all the bills past and present
which i do a resent
forget about food
no good,
my only not paying regrets

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.
P.S. If I don´t get work this month, I Will drown you with posts…or might drown myself

INfantry soldier, army

i was in the infantry
i fucked a girl so quickly
i am a hero
what a zero
i am a human
with God default
so i say is not my fault
tired of seeing in the american channels
all those great soldiers who have been in combat
out of the blue we are human
and my humans are or were a bunch on crazy nuts
that put out their nuts
also ¨ normal¨ they were just one or two animal

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Shock and awe

I wrote a post
wich I deleted
it was some fuck up shit wich she related
it was the story about me and my mother
and she knows I love her
like no other
that means going to the extremes
for her to begins
I got the likes and that mess…don´t care
about that shit fuck mess
point being that this is my art
so sorry mom, since I know you had a bad kid art
i still struggle with one thing
that is to me be a creative one bling,

P.S Sorry if I couldn´t read you, the computer is broken,so
I´´m writing from a locutrio, see that in google
lova mom, but do remember it is my creative fun