the summons it´s incomplete

You might think is complete
reality it is incomplete,
take a beat-
just in the mind
if you don´t mind and grind.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


I forget my birthday

The birthday
Next monday
The familly had to remind me that
Truly they are white hat.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.
(I´ll try to read as much of you as I can tommorrow, learn from you,
not blowing smoke up your a…s)


Men and women,
I´m just a superhuman…
I consciously put myself in rare situations
to say the least, of my overall adventures.
Mind Shift I call it, just training your mind
and when real life hits you, you won´t be behind.
I see it every day, specially with people,no?
you animal!!! They think they do the trick,
I go along but it does makes me a bit sick and also slick, just a bit,
no worries so no hurries.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Message-no to war

It seems an easy message,
NO TO WAR, who is going to say yes?
Not going much into this so not to bore you, but
if you control the message it will be mostly your outcome that come.

See? That was throughly thought in my mind.
You control the message, the words obviously are the key,
yooooo – be
you are on top Charly….I´m the narly

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Mr. Garrett got me, thankfully I realised I´m not alone. I live not in a “cool” life that I can walk to “these” people and talk about writing, just not. So in my head WordPress it is my familly of writers. The others…. it really bores me. And don´t ge me wrong, I had Jobs….. you name any and I had done, but I´m an artista, that´s my primary job.



One whom dreams, through feelings Inside that make their way to the surface,

Thinking, always thinking about that which lives around us, possibilities of hope.

From the heart of a poet comes neverending thoughts and wishes spilled out,

With the skill and gift given to write from the heart, a pen moves with the hand.

The writing never has to stop as there are thoughts and scenes seen from a mind that dreams,

The heart of a poet lives In many a person and there are those who don’t yet see.

From me to you and every heart that has many stories to tell, from the heart of a poet.

Keith Garrett

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