Addiction Please

Diction! Hates my writing friction-Anyways,
a person of extremes
need to do addiction things
have to write
if not i go more nuts right?
it´s my mental delight to write
writing is a way to keep my own sanity
expressing to others my insanity
and feeling eroding for a period of time
real life’s profanities on my mental,
out the window those sentimental-
hence creating, playing with words and wording, and phrasing
Robert Frost i thought i was paraphrasing
i´m in my own world, creating my own world
at least that is what I have been told
by my one last standing neuron that’s even on hold

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Weekly Smile!

I have a blessed family and a cool dog that is also my editor. Usually on the weekends I go
to my parents house and spend some time there. Is great since I’m not freezing my behind like
in the house I live in and ofcourse the meals…family, friends of family, and the cool bulldog.
As I said my editordscn2911
As you can see she is reading every line and if I mess up just one comma she barks at me,
and bites me on the foot. It’s just a relaxing place overall before the storm comes on

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The Priest and the Shrink

Sunday Photo Fiction – 72 Hours


The shrink entered the confessional, he could feel his palms sweating.
“Father forgive me since I have sinned.”
“Tell me son, you are safe here.” Said the priest.
“I have been using my influence to take advantage of people.” The shrink said with a trembling voice.
“In what way son?”
“I have used my powers to have sex with women.”
The priest sighed thinking that yet another pervert just entered the house of Christ. He took
a deep breath a pushed through, ” In what way son?”
“I give them advice which misleads them in thinking that sleeping with me will solve their problems.”
“May I ask what is your profession son?” The priest asked, he was tired of asking all day long
and hearing the troubles of people, what about his own troubles? So there he was torch in hand
smoking his first joint.
“I´m a shrink.”
The priest got red in the face,”You motherfucker!”He yelled.
The shrink was petrified, “Sorry father I…I..”
“Shut the hell up, you punk, a freaking shrink I have to take? What do you think I do for half
of the day!? I listen and listen to people and give them advice. You idiot, are you people
trying to take away my job, is that it!!”
So the priest took his torch stuck it in the little window and let the shrink have a rapid fire
hair cut.

234 words.

Weekly smile


images-1 Good relationship with family-check
images I can pay for a roof over my head- check
images-3 I have food on the table-check
images-5 Haven´t had a drink in 10 days-check
images-4 The little money I have left after paying for the roof over my head the food and bills I use it…for cigarettes!!-check
DSCN2821 My cool new friend- check
images I have cirrosis,bad pancreas,blood clutters, but….
I´m ALIVE-check

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Yo! I´m smiling here

So here is the conversation:

Ring riiiiiiiing! Then I jump almost 10 feet in the air
Damn! I have to change this stupid ring tone and might
as well save some money to get a 21st century phone,
this ring tone is gonna give me a heart attack.
“Hi mom, congratulations?”
“Yes, congratulations.”
“O.K… what did you smoke this morning?”
“Me nothing, but you….it´s your birthday idiot.”

(In spain instead of saying happy birthday we often say
felicidades, we say both but felicidades is what is most common)

So it didn´t registered at all, I completely forgot that I made
it to be 34. Go figure that one out.
So there is my weekly smile.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Weekly smile!


Bad pancreas-check
Bad liver-check
Days of agony without being able of getting out of bed-check
Broken bones-check
I probably forgot something, have little time for my internet crime,
yep more, two thrombus or blood clots and one is near the heart,
what an art I could even have a heart attack, all these things leaves
me weak like a little girl without one curl.
33 years old here I am
living day to day
i pray
i say
i have internet today
i have a loving family
i have a loving pet wich is annoyingly
i have no money
but doesn´t mean i have no funny
i have…..shit, I´m alive! I´m ALIVE!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

weekly smile

Prompt by:

Why is this dude smiling?yo pa kruti

You can´t really tell I´m smiling
cause I´m not, neither I´m crying
So that is “the park”(one of them anyways)
were there are no ducks that quack
And I haven´t set a foot there
for a long time and I have more time to spare
Not the best of places
only criminals giving you their graces.

So I smile!! Two weeks, Two weeks!
without any drinks
Staying sober
so I don´t become that ogre
One day at a time
hopefully this time
yet again
will be a long lasting train, healthy ride
to say a long good by to the alcohol high.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.