the last train


The last train has long been gone. I hit the bottom, yet again. So many
times I have been in detox centres that this time I decided it has to be
only on me to stay sober.

I don´t have a steady job, neither does over 20% of the population,
Writing is my job but it doesn´t pay the 10 by 20 foot room I rent. I know
the measurements because I just measured them!I get odd jobs here and there,
which you obviously don´t pay taxes on them. I receive a 350$ pension from the state,
that is great. With that I pay rent,little food,little cigarettes,and the booze.
No eating at restaurants, no movies, no nothing. Whoever said money doesn´t make you happy….
I can kill that person.

To not get the booze I play mind tricks. Obviously stick to my daily schedule I have set
to myself, but when I get in this 10 by 20 foot room….I dress as if I was on a job interview
while I sit in the only hard wooden chair in front of the computer. As long as I write
I´m in a office so I dress as a Wall Street executive. If I decide to lay down to read in bed,
I put on a tracksuit. I get up to the computer and put on my work clothes.
Just little mind tricks if not I slip into the dark side.
The last train….I guess I´ll have to buy a new one.

Doctor in shock (short story)

True story…unfortunately

Yesterday I had two appointments with the docs, that in itself can tell you how great my health is.
I’m waiting for over an hour for my number to come up in the t.v screen to enter room 13.
I’m looking at the t.v, looking down at my little piece of paper with my number, looking
and looking for almost two hours.That day I woke up at seven a.m, barely slept three hours,
my head is dead basically, I only focus on the freaking t.v screen to see if my number comes up.

It´s a huge waiting area, people are mad since they too are waiting way too much,
lets say there was not a Merry Christmassy spirit in the air, actually more like an air of death,
of psychopaths.

Ding! my number comes up, shit finally. I sit up with my eyes almost closed,
I’m trying extremely hard not to go to sleep for the final few steps until I get to the door.
I enter and the doctor tells me to ¨take off my clothes from waist up¨ and then she leaves.
Well, as I said before my state of mind was in a zen mood, my neurons not moving too fast,
so I took off all my clothes. She walks in, basically screams
¨what are you doing?!!¨except she did use the F word. I too was a bit in shock,
I looked at her a bit dumbfounded and told her that she did tell me to take off my clothes,
in my head I was thinking she was the nutty one. I did, unintentionally, a shock and awe on her.
She reminded me that she actually told me to take my clothes off from the waste up.

I think she was thinking I did it on purpose, which is what most people would think really,
so now, not even the ¨digestive¨ doctor will want to see me. My name is famous in that hospital,
they should rename it after me. This woman will never forget this patient for sure.
This crazy shit only happens to me. But now thinking about it and telling the story to people,
they all seem to find it extremely funny, but, thinking a second time,
I just sexually harassed a doctor…..

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

A monster story (133 words)

¨Hey Mohammed!” I yelled at my good servant for now 10 years with me.
¨What is it Mr.Jones?¨He replied.

I told him that all those people around the lake didn´t go into the lake
and swim like fish because they said there is a monster in this lake.
Mohammed jumped in and he told me to follow him, I did with a lot of scare bones.
We swam 1 mile into the middle of the lake and exhausted we kept us afloat somehow.
There was no monster.

The next day I had to play a football match, I was scared as I have never been in my
16 year old experience in life. I looked at Mohammed my servant, he looked at me with a grin!
He just said, ¨ Also here, there is no monster, unless you want to create it.¨

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The power of love (136 words so… flash fiction?)

He sat watching the sports channel ESPN with his fiance. She talked and talked
and he listened calmly and appreciative of what she was saying. He looked at
the sunset and decide this was the time. He took her out to the balcony turned
her to face him and told her he loved her and then pushed her off the balcony,
she screamed all the way down and he just smiled.
¨fuck, that wasn´t hard¨he said to himself.

He got back to watching his favourite team, the Cowboys, he called his friend
Jack who asked how his vacation was going, he replied that it couldn´t go better,
his love of sports was dancing in the air. They kept talking about the game as they
both watch it in their respective places.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Killing communisst


Just curious, what is happening in the US is what happens in Spain every one or two days,
Specially if you are a red pinted head communist
having army boy , bunch of stories to tell about these communist trying to findus,they
did, not so good they came out off, fucking pieces of shit, that is my wit.

I just figured the title was of boom and shock and fuck.

The kid (65 word story)

As I heard the words come out of her mouth my heart stopped.
“Are you sure?” I asked her.
“I am.” She responded.
I’m going to become a daddy.
Questions flooded my mind, do they make a lot of noise? How much cost this and that?
I could feel my knees buckling, she just smiled and said,”its just a bulldog!”

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The racounteur

It was 1916 in France, an old man grabbed hold of a pigeon that was
almost dying, his grandson said,”put her out of her misery
grandpa”. The old man looked at the pigeon, cured her in the moment
and send her away. The pigeon had a secret message attached to it’s leg
for the British allies.It told them where the Germans where going to attack next.

20 years later, the grandson was immersed in the second world war, they where
out of ammunition, surrounded, and with no communications. The grandson managed
to get grab of a pigeon and send her away. This pigeon was not trained, but
made a pass through their command post 20 kilometers in the rear. There was
this General that saw it, “only one pigeon in this entire valley?” he thought
to himself, he obviously remembered his time during the first world war, so
just in case he send a unit up front from where the pigeon had come, the unit
eventually reinforced the grandson and his fellow soldiers.

Be creative, adapt with small things, in some cases it can come in real handy.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

building new memories

Laying awake in a dark freezing room, under four blankets.
I exhale and I can see the vapour coming out of my mouth,
like all the dark memories exiting my brain. I only have
bad memories from these past years. So I got to the
uncomfortable conclusion wich it wasn’t that hard of
an illusion that is only on me with the help of the
man upstairs but it is all on my shoulders to turn things
around, do a rebound and live a much better life that I’m
living now. I know I’m much better than living in shitty
towns with shitty people and doing shitty things.
It is not easy, but I’m starting to build new and happier memories.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

dead man walking

He woke up to the sound of rain hitting the tin roof of his trailer.
He was shivering under the blankets, he stayed in bed for 20 minutes looking
through the small window. There was only darkness outside. He finally managed
to get up, thinking “just another day”. What was he going to do? He didn’t
changed his clothes since he felt asleep with the same clothes he had been
wearing for three days. Why? He wondered, why change and shower? He opened
the door of his trailer, the wind hit him hard on the face, he shivered.
He lit a cigarette and started walking in the dark early rainy hours of the day.
Nobody saw Jack again.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Out of control sperm(18+)

Be advised not suitable for all audiences
Under 200 words.

I was 15 years old riding the bus with my first
“girlfriend”. There wasn’t anybody sitting to
my left side nor to the back,the next person
close to me was this old lady sitting in front
of me. And sitting to my right the “girlfriend”.

So she starts jacking me off and it seems that
when she made me ejaculate, well, the sperm
goes long away each way and ended up in the shoulder
and hair of the old lady. I quickly put on the jacket
on top as the old lady looked back and it was quick
thinking by my part, since as she looked behind at
me I immediately looked up for two seconds then at her
and say with a stoic face
“Something is leaking from up there”. The old
lady starts looking up and touching the upper part of
the bus, so I just say while I look at my sperm in her
hair and neck, “Don’t worry mam, is probably nothing.”

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.