reader discretion is advised (over 18)

Look my name up in the dictionary…..

That was kind of scary
i just got married to a whore
so we all can score
just doing a service
to humanities disservice
and i found out as she said that my dick
is the size of a baseball stick
i’ll be quick
i have to eat pussy of course
so ladies please
let your own heart at ease to…. hurt, suck, get stuck, and squirt with a smirk.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I’m on reserve duty

Here I am standing in a mountain as I can, hold……
now let it unfold
for you all
my thoughts are sporadic
that’s why I’m an addict
the mountain just went static
I don’t know why people hang on every verse
it’s absurd but just as intense
in one nerve…
so, hold it there, there is my head to spare,
I’m on the reserve
for better or worse
there is a reason
the answer is that I don’t commit treason
to fellow humans that don’t have reason.

crazy psychologist

why? Yes you can ask why
But I’ll take you to task.

Here goes my grand theory…..

As individuals we tend to be less human,
meaning that we don’t take so much care of each other, hooooly father!

As a group, I’m not just talking about the military but as a civilian society.
So when the so called shit hits the fan on all of us, there is a human tendency
wich is not made up recently, for people to come together and help each other.
It’s a general rule for most of us, we bound together when things get rough,
that is build in our own psyche to get the bunch together and get tough, together.
That is why I started with the name TRIBE.

(there are quite some fascinating studies about this topic, I just wrote it
as a craaaaazy, but it has a point)

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


This goes for you mom……
I was dumb
Being fearless
Is not my stress
I cause stress
Unfortunately on your behest
But you do know your son
Like it or not you still love the “kid”song
I’m just writing out of my head as it comes
And you read this as it was the grams…grammie? Or just gran? Yo weird.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.