Everything is special

what the fuck is she doing there like that? because everything is an indulgence
so lets begin

Today is earth day! … please explain to me what that shit means.
You put some more flowers in the garden I guess.

Yesterday I saw in another blog it was Poetry month,
that’s nice so it means you are not going to write more in the next month.

After the other day it saw a womens day….last time I checked my landlord is
quite a smart lady and she will insinuate very nicely and effective, she thinks,
that i pay her more.

Then is was… the monkey day, we just talked like monkeys to feel like they were one of us.

The other day was my birthday, so why the fuck don’t you just make a big birthcake,
Charly the Priest birthday punk, just have fun, enjoy and make the whole month count

by the way there is also a month called “love and peace”, google it up if you could please….
really, what the fuck.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Fuck you I’m drunk

It was a good title, plus the song, wich I can bond.
Re, the read, is the need to say… fuck you I’m drunk. I do still struggle quite a bit
to say the least with the alcohol, I just went to the weed, seems I get hungrier and
fatter, and do raids against the fridge, but in my mind is healthier than the other thing.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

anticipation will set you up

she would be surprised
till the pont she won’t recognize
the anticipation
wich translates to my own nation
and a vacation
to my world
yes you,
anticipation will set you up….
thinking this or that or crap or snap
and then what?
Just whatever comes comes.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

P.S. That can go for a guy too, for example me, I do live in a town
where there are quite of the best of each family, the fucking Moroccans
that one guy just called me to say he was going to kill me and steal my
computer, I just asked him at what time….kinda weierd,
so the theme was anticipation….not happening in my case, I just
like to read you, wich you are quite a bunch by the way, and then write
my very cool stories. Don’t think much about these idiots to tell you the truth,
are they dangerous? Yes, I’m also prepared, won’t go into specifics, but,
is today a beautiful Saturday day? Yes it is.
So that is what is.

Holy shit the P.S was longer than the actual poem.

Charly shakespeare-ing

I just put out words, that connect
that has its effect, the fucking bell is ringing
and i feel like hitting, it just stopped,
for me writing is like magic so sporadic
for me that i’m an addict
comments don’t offend me
i’m above the industry
see, me, you agree
is not absurd to hang on my every word
even if sounds so absurd,
all the words do have actually a point
for you to take it slow and have a joint.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

father father don’t you see?

Look at that handsome man,
that is him,
my father… or not, I’ll snap you with a knot,
so I’ll get srerious then.

MY father…what can I say about this man…

always calm
hands never tremble
hard working
funny…in his own way
no self pitty
love his wife
he is great at his job
the bravest person i have known
not in the physical sense
but in the mental strenght
he takes care of my mother
and she actually doesn’t even need to take care from anybody
40 plus years together…damn,
although, how in the world does this guy makes her laugh in the morning?
i will never be him…
but i got that since i was at least 16
he inspires others
to be enterprenours
and that takes some nevers
that a lot of people disserve
my friends,
is a true man.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.