A game on inches

No ladies no! Not talking about penis inches
in miltary you can train for war for months, years,the best at a specific job
yet get killed, that bullet will get you in the wrong form
that is the norm
i actually call it an efficent syringe, yes.
Game of inches.

An Interview with Ritu Bhathal | Val Penny’s Book Reviews — But I Smile Anyway…

Another feature for me, this time on Val Penny’s Blog! I am delighted to be joined on the blog today by writer and blogger, Ritu Bhathal. Thank you so much for taking time for an interview with me, Ritu. 1 Please tell my readers a little about yourself… Source: An Interview with Ritu Bhathal | […]

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My life (very short version)

I´m 37, lost my mother on the 14th of last month. The woman that literally raised
me by her own since father was always working and providing for us.
I don´t recall a so called “father figure”. Now he lost his wife of 50 years,
who he calls? Me. More glad than ever and I strangely find myself in a position
when I feel like I was 25 in the army in Afghanistan in charge of 4 guys.
My father is obviously not a cushy man, I have always thought he was superman in my eyes,
now I see his vulnerabilities and I hate that for him, like in the army days with
4 guys in charge I was at age 25, so I keep the conversation light, to the point,
keep his mind off our tragedy and move on. I actually told him to move on, apart from other things.
And I am talking both about the person (my mother) that raised me and I could always call her
laugh at my crazy things. Now the roles seem to be reversed, and I will reiterate again that
my father is a tough motherfucker. He called me that by the way. But he is human it seems,
seems now to me. I only say that if I have something good going for me, is to put the tragedy
of my mothers death behind of my head in some black box, (like army experience) and the way
I talk to my father, the tone, the things I say, are reassuring for him.
Kind of weird thinking he was superman and never had a real conversation with him.
As I told him, we have to adapt.
If he called me this afternoon I inmediately knew he as a human has to talk to someone
about other things that is not work.

Are you O.K?

3:30 exactly, “ring ring” my phone, and the number is… “private number”,
apart from living in a shit town that I got into fights with drug dealers, thiefs, e.t.c.
they are not going to scare me away but they did scare all our neighbours. You call the police?
Yep, nothing happens. So is me and me.

3:30 exactly, phone rings and is the same guys calling me for several days telling me I´m going
to die this night. Getting bored actually since it has been the same calls for days and nothing
happens. Do these idiots know who they are talking to by the way? I can track you down and I will.

I do not believe in coincidences, by so proclaimed girfriend, according to her in my fathers Facebook,
called me the same day at 11 p.m and two hour later these idiots call threatening me. She is in those
type of circles, I actually fine it funny when she calls ( I know I should not pick up) and asks me
” Are you o.k? Honey” yes, I´m not dead as you want me to be so I´m o.k. This girl is freaky,
I won´t even blame the other guys calling me to say they will kill me, literally. I know is just
intimidation tactics nothing is going to happen. But for them, since I know they will read this,
it is not in your interest, you will be the one dead if you try anything against me as I told him
after this little bitch rang on the phone and woke me up.

I do not believe in coincidences that my self proclaimed girlfriend calls first and now I got these
idiots calling saying a bunch of bullshit, she is behind it. I just know it, I will track their cell phone
down and me, not police, me will fuck you up.

(I thought the picture was cool, now back to sleep…actually no they made me a favour, I do have to write
my incredible novel, pretty good I am at talking about this then switch off and concentrate on the important things
comes way back how to train your mind, army did help me, but I believe I was born with it, the switch on swithch off)

El pueblo unido jamas sera vencido

(you can translate it to english with that google thing if you want)

No se en que país vivo,
parece ser que mi pueblo esta vencido,
no puedo a pasear sin,
que me saquen un cuchillo,
los demás Españoles en el pueblo tienen miedo
gracias a los Moros que según ellos me dicen “Es mi pueblo”.
Que espera la policía de mi?
No hay policía que te proteja en mi pueblo,
por lo tanto tendré yo que defenderme
a muerte
solo queda un par de gente.
Un par, pero enfadados de estar
viviendo bajo estos criminales,
o animales.

The dumbest thing I have ever heard

I am lucky since I have 6 dollars left in the bank, my father now without his
wife of 50 years is working his but off to keep afloat. So bad economic situation
for me,my father and millions of people plus our own personal family tragedy of mom

I´m chatting with this girlfriend of mine I´ve known for 8 years, now she is
happily married and working a lot. Yes ladies, I do have physical girlfriends
without sexual relationships. Anyways first thing I ask her is “how is your family
and you doing?”
Her answer” I´m very stressed out with work”

Millions and millions of people without jobs, deaths everywhere, I´m personally fucked
economically don´t even have money to recharge my pre paid shit phone so can´t talk
with father(not that our conversations are long but at least to know how he is doing
both mentally,physically, economically), I eat once a day, e.t.c crying you a river.

She completely skipped all these things.
Never once mentioned her family, it was as usual ” I I I I very stressed out with too
much work”. I was about to slap her, really? That is your stress? I know you were born
rich and had everything for you, nothing against it obviously and still love you to death
but what a fucking response that one.

Hope she doesn´t read this, since my response to her was very kind actually and as always
knowing how her brain works, she is a good person but childish at her age so what do kids
always do, it is always about ME and ME I only think about ME, and she is 34 with a kid of her own,
very nice husband and her very stressful work living in a pretty nice house to say the least,
My response, ” well I´m sure you´ll do fine with your job, you have always been very good at it”
I´m the one fucked up economically, family wise, and telling her that to the dumbest response
a person can give me in this situation.