2008 U.S Financial Crisis

You got all these people, or elments that as citizens of a country will
say this or that. Ben Bernankie for example, there was two other key players,
but who really are the players?
You, if the bank tells you I give this loan for very little money on interest
and YOU accept that, well YOU are the opportunist and later the sucker.
YOU the citizens are the gready ones that made the 2008 financial crisis happen,
having said that, it is normal for humans to do so. Just don´t blame that shity
situation on banks, or wall of the street, politicians, whoever you want to blame it on.
But no YOU.
Blame yourself, that´s for sure.

I just made a hour long documentary of that crisis seem simple, since it is. Just humans.
Now feeling more dummber. Quite interesting this documentary by the way.

Military left hand salute

If we got trained to salute with the right hand since most people operate with
the right hand, and then the little
thumb has to be tight to the other fingers and more details,
so how the fuck does a guy that is left handed does it if
you have a whole bunch of hot guys, like me, the left handed…..
It would just look weird in a formation, like this 7.a.m thought.
Actually I myself do believe it

We´ll be alright (take two)

It seems I do post the posts when I am extremely drunk,
so that has to say something good about me….
This is take two that I´m sober and reading the last post of mine
apart from reading yours first I read mine. Anyways what the fuck did
I write on that one? Being sober I can condense it in one sentence
Sentence: I live in a whore house that the so proclaimed landlady created
hence there are weird things happening and now the so proclaimed landlady
is mad with the new girl she got into the house and me waking up
with a knife in hand just in case since it is also a bit weird to have
guys ringing the bell at 2 a.m or 4 a.m that was yesterday or today
at 10 p.m that I eventually snapped and kicked the guy out, phisically
as you might have thought.
So that was my one sentence condense. Better get my shit together, stop drinking you.

We´ll be alright

Holy shit, this woman came out with her…switch.
I don´t know if it working good for her, maybe or maybey, yes.
She eventually kicked out two ot the other roomates, but not me so figure that.
Now with this great person that happens to be a woman, yet she has his her boy,
out out, I could care less, but no wonder they wake me up at 2.a.m to say the
least, now is 10 p.m here in Spain, next time would be 2 a.m and then…
go figure. So no wonder I keep a little journal of this fuckers.
Don´t worry sirs and seeeerisses, I can handle myself that is why I still live here, idiots.
I just called you idiots by the way, Iiiiii bored.
( I should have to specife more with who is who but I think you know, so go the so)
Quite interesting, hope you don´t live it, I take it as a joke as you might read. hey read!!!
What is the is. Is….. Period, you and you do death, quite leterally but I´m funny.
What a fucked up situation I in, cry me a riveeeeeeeer.

Hello…why not

You father, did bring me in, or I should got there earlier,
I´m … this if bullshit´
not my, my shit,
but I can survive.
Yet it is in a way kind of sad,
You tell me father!!!!1! ” never depend on anyone”
Jesus Chrsit man, really, out of here you bullshitter,
still love you though, not the first time on my own if you remember,
you seem to remember shit in quite a …. just listen beteen the lines
holy, this fuck bitch in the bar, that the bar is behind my room… lets do it,´
did this make any sense?

9/11 just remembered

After hearing this podcast, even the other guest knew
where he was when those plaines hit, I to, I was in N.Y,
not kidding with this one, just amazing this guy still remembered
exactly at the same hour and minute which would be 8:30 a.m and me
walking out the batrhoom, after showering, and hearing
“you saw that?!!!” and “you fucking saw that!!!?” one after another
us kids where or they were watching the t.v me getting out of the batrhoom
just weird to see these guys in the podcast, that it seems that they have my years
they obviously do remember of that day, and it does stay.