The good sinner

I´m a sinner as you can see above
Fuking devil and no love

I was
A drunk
A faithful skunk

Every day
Perpetrating for others dismay

Seen the worst of humanity
There was some filthy gravity

Tought me the evil world
I did the curl

Now being aware
I got a new love, the world I see and do in dismay.

Stay Frosy gents and gentesses.




A ten-year-old boy is lying
on the ground.
His name is Anthony,
it sounds like eternity.

They say you suffered injuries
from a fall.
But do they know
angels like you never fall?

is being true always worthwhile?
what’s nicer than your smile?

© Frédéric Georges Martin


Anthony Avalos, 2008-2018
in memoriam

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Mercenary is according to the Harvard dictionary a person that goes to combat in return of money¨¨


Yes, that is the only photo I have in the computer of the army, in cool cold afghanishit.
So all the people that are in the armed forces are mercenaries,
I didn´t work for love and country, I worked for a paycheck,
plus the guys, so all countries have mercenaries.

Stqy Frosty gents and gentesses.

Mom don´t you cry

Look at that beautiful woman
so unhuman, preeeety for you woman not pithy.

She now has cancer
she left me photos on the computer of her
being bald, mooooom you do look so old,
fuck that,
where is the ¨kid¨ now?
I know,
with you, physically and on parle (have no clue if that is a word)
mother, you know the title was good, just to get the attention,
hell….I´m a writer surreal stalker, and then,
it is you after me….. no mother,
you taught me early that is shit,
so no quit, to cry like a bitch.

You even took my underwares!
so I didn´t go my army days,
I know,talking too much,
as such?
it really was never in our family to bitch and cry right?
and it does pisses me off when, well they are good people,
but there is one that you know, I know.

You did say as I was a kid ¨crying doesn´t solve anything¨

Shit Fuck! I got the title incorrectly and tested.

That is my family, no crying, no bitching about life, but I am a writer
so that goes off the window so, mother
I do understand since me and my father don´t cry.
I know that when
you talk with your friends, by the way i´m going to do
her promotion

Yes sirs and serees, a real good person, my mother loves her,
actually more than me, this girl wich is in WordPress or Instagram
in this case I need some White powder Crown, here ya go
And her husband is a real nice person, also calling to
see how mother is, so Krupal, thank you for the support,
get now into the airport!

Mother you have aaaaaalot of people that love you apart from the one
that I´m talking here, plus your crazy son, you know it, because you are an ¨evil¨saint¨

My saint.

But I know that when you talk to others ,you cry,
not with the ¨kid¨, so stay that way….almost forgot, shit is me,
the strange thing is that I wouldn´t forget, but there is no regret,
I know what I do for you, apart from giving you a headache, I do take care
for you and make you laugh, and laughter is a good medicine, apart from the
chemotherapy, so let be ………. happy!

By the way taking care of your garden sucks.

Mother Mother you will not cry, we are a tough family.
This time I wasn´t being silly.

(Fuck me, she already knows this shit, so I guess is who ever reads it)

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.