2013 long story short story nomination

A Love letter from a new nominee.

I´ve been nominated for the 2013-Best short/long story post called

I´m a fucking Hero, and you are a dummy.

I´m that cool, I´m too cool to even go to school.

So the nomination I just saw in my little thing up there that pops up when you get messages? Anyways it comes from a person, I´m sorry he is not a normal person he is the MYTH the LEGEND men want to be like him and girls want to be with him he is…..



Mr. Kendall F. Person, I will like to tell you something out here in public. I don´t write about serious things so it´s kind of hard. But you are great guy. I remember you where one of the first people that I met and followed and then you followed me when I started with this blog thing about 6 months ago. I remember the encouraging words you write to me, not only in public but in private. I remember when you wrote the post about bullying and you asked  me to e-mail you with my experience and I did. I remember the good job you did at writing that post like so many others. I remember the encouraging words you´ve send me not only in public but through e-mail, specially the one “Where the fuck are you?” when I spend 2 months at the hospital. That meant a lot really, I´m not the best writer but I must be doing something right for you to give me your words of wisdom. So my friend, I´m really happy I´ve met you. This sounds to gay.

Sorry I only talked about this man, but all you people(81 people that´s fun, who would´ve thought)that follow me or read me, why? Don´t have a clue, but don´t think I don´t appreciate you reading and some comments. This blogging experience is probably the most positive one in my life, the most productive one, also the writing stories sending them to magazines to get rejected. But the blogging experience wouldn´t have happened without YOU people. So thank you.

You know what frustrates me? I want to read all the blogs that I follow and that they follow me in one day or two days and I can not do it, there should be days that last 34 hours to cram up all the reading my fellow bloggers, because their damn interesting to read.

Stay Frosty gents, and thanks again.