abused woman

I´m a woman beater!

I hit women
aaaaamen, fuck,
I did loose that hen,
so a woman beater
she fucked up my meter
just one nasty pasty girl really so have a happy face,
no disgrace,
or….maybe just maybe she punched the shit out off me
now i´m hearing a bee titled B

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

bitch fly through therapy

Only in Spain out of Europe there are judicial courts that are specifically for
¨women harrasment¨, obviously by men, since women don´t harrass themselves or also men, who knew.
I was in a court when this girl accused me of hitting her, truth is she stole my wallet
so instinct came out and I grabbed her hand where my wallet was she felt
back, and all this time I was the one calling the police and they came… to put me in handcuffs.
Long story short, when I was found not guilty, even the judge while hearing her, wich I might add,
the prosecutor didn´t even called her ass a witness before the trial so my smart lawyer asked the judge
¨what the fuck man, the so called victim and primary witness is not even called by the prosecution…..come on bro¨.
Not the same words, just making fun of it,
actually it was not fun at all, but that statement should in a normal mind tell you all.
She still calls after years, 416 calls in one day, o what a dismay from this piece of shit hay.
I woke up at 6 a.m. and I see I have messages, from her, the last one is, ¨ I told you to not call me¨.
Really? That´s your best to fuck up people’s life wich you did at your time, and accused of false allegations,
bitch, bitch and fuck you bitch. So now that I vented off we go. This was my therapy time.

Relates the first sentences, and some others, not all. But good song.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.