abused women

I need adrenaline to stay calm

The title is weird, but is truth. The more people will try to
screw me, this happened in army days and todays,
I need it, but just to stay calm. Which is quite abnormal,
I can rationalize better and yes my mind works two times over you,
in the most part if they do try to really bring me down.
Quite interesting, specially if you know the enemy of that specific time,
you can maneuver. But why am I so calm? Has to be the genetics of my father.
That is a guarantee, I could be in the shit hole and live, survive, and
not mentally colapse. A thought this came after the so proclaimed girlfriend
in my father Face Book, he had to delete all her crazy messages about me.
Still calm, no worries for me when there are the fakes selling crazy things.
This woman purpose is to put me in jail, or social media jail or whatever,
just can´t. I just write this for or just in case it goes to court.

the life vultures

It is Monday, finally I have interntet in my fray-
I got the shit kicked out of me by a girl,
and I have known this girl( her crazy but really crazy life) like any other
of the girls not crazy for some time. But this one put me in her curls.
Apart from spending the weekend putting cold things on my face,
the bitch almost broke the nose. She hit me with the palm up to my nose,
She can punch the nose and brake it, but it easier to brake it and even
kill a person( since his nose bone Will go up to the head)
I was a bit in static prose….for a half second and I went after her.
At that point she is not a girl, she is a threat.
She just stoped after I was about to break her, but didn´t, I just walked away.
Fight? With men too many, with girls? Only this one that hits me. I sort of knew what it could happen,
like an idiot I thought people changed, to my disgrace. So I spent the weekend
putting ice in my face, that was really a disgr….no, what was really a disgrace
is when she was lying down after my reaction and she goes on the floor she says,
“We where planning this”, fuck me, then I learn like an idiot the other girl is a whore!
So what is she then? A hen? She planned it all for me to get that upset after she almost
broke my nose(she did do taikwondo or kickboxing and I have her videos of doing it),
fuck me, she hits better than most guys. She planned the whole fucking thing out, fuck you,
no, fuck me for being that stupid, she did had an orgassm with squirt…… (maybe that is my problem)
thank goodness this
one I figured out she is worst thant cancer. I should meet a nice girl, and I have but these type of
people I think I can change them, no, they are the classical narcissist sociopaths.
And she called me today at 2 a.m. Ater snorting some cocaine in her dumb brain.
Just another abnormal story.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

drunk at 5.a.m thoughts

You women are caaaazy!
Let´s begin and make it short to the point.
I´ll put an example, my mother. She goes nuts on me
when I talk with her, funny thing is that if I don´t call her
every fucking day she calls me asking if I´m alright, good, she cares about me.
Didn´t hear from her while in the army and deployed, or homeless later,
so I reassure her I´m good. Even though I´m not.

Take my father, no showing emotions I can see, he did help me and still does in his own way
but he certainly doesn´t expect from me to hear my voice on the phone every day.
Pisses him off.
Yet he was there in my tough situations not my mother.
Are aliens
A matter of protest

Sentiments, bullshits, take that to women in general(general)
that I have been with…….that was more than one point to end.

Still love ya ladideeeeeeeeeeeeees!

P.S. Sorry, not drunk, but had to put a crazy title.
Read ya latter you innovator.

sinner catholic

As a Catholic
Let me respect this woman ….sorry I can´t.

She put me on trial for “women abuse”
The judge saw the facts heard the testimony of the other unknown people to me.
He ruled NOT GUILTY, Simply…because I´m not.
Only in the European Unión( just only Spain actually)
you actually have courts for women to destroy you,
They are actually called ” Violencia de genero”, they keep changing the names,
good tactic by the way you nutcases socialist politicians.
Or violence against women,
so men basicall enter into that facility knowing you´re guilty, the name says so.
So this little bitch still calls me…..I´m not afraid now to call her names.
She is good at diminishing and trying to make you a bad guy, I got your false narrative.
I know what to expect-
Her words amongst others, ” You´re dumb”, ” You can´t write”, among other insults,
wich the other insults if it came from a guy I will fuck him up. But no, she is a woman.
I just thank her and say by. She is the classic narcissist sociopath, I learned quite a bit
about those type of people. Not good.
For now I got the law on my side.
You bitch. Keep on talking.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.