Trained ADD

I have developed the ADD consciously
Later remind to not be silly obviously;
I can see people, read books, see youtube videos, chat with people, whatever it is,
then go and have to write it. It can be of this or that and then I ask myself what?
What more.
My brain I say again,
is constantly working with what I hear or see in people or videos,
constantly working for the words or phrases that bombard my head, here that one, then another
and later I do have to remind myself to not bother.
I say again.
Didn´t happen as a youngster.
Trained that for years, hear this or not, write this or not, and with humans the same thing,
a bit weird the scheme.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I have nothing prepared

I do write in paper, it is beautiful, I spent what it seems two hours to find the pen,
Hit it!
i open wordpress
and the word comes out to in express
i do write things down as they come to my head
not even bothering to edit my read
so i just do my mental literature horning
it´s fun for me, and it calms me down,
you know Dan Brown?
therapy i call it
so be it and spit if you want this writ.

Jesus what a fucking day today, my psychologist literally kicked me out, she said
I was full of BS, I only flirted with her once every session, so that it is normal….
I do know something, I write badly and that is my therapy.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

7 days

Seven crucial days of not smoking,
not drinking, detox of my own, in bed.
Seven crucial days of no medicine for my addiction,
normally is tranquilizers but not this time, I had to deal with my own mine
of, irrationality, tremors. Seven days have passed, and like a cave man
I got out to see other caveman. First get out of bed, shower, e.t.c and move
out into this world of wild animals. Thank goodness I had a room and a bed this time.
Seven days.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

selling drug poetry

You are in withdrawal
hitting a wall
I’m ¨El Chapo¨ of words
not only for nerds
The fix is what you are after
i’m the provider crafter
Words making phrases
is your drug of your praises
All of you are drug addicts
with specially tactics
You can’t be sober
i´m afraid you’ll become an ogre

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

No alcohol!!!

Early in the morning
Rising to bells ring
I got this situation
With rehab as my king
Gonna do today
And today is long day
Going to the south of Madrid
Eat a dick… sorry, just came out
Point being!!!! I got an interview with
This woman and she will determen my future
Or I will determine my future because I want to change it
And if you are a drunk that you spit

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I’m on a diet

Since I’m not drinking I’m seeing my belly grow, you know?
Since I’m not drinking anxiety sometimes trumps creativity.
SInce I’m not drinking cigarettes become my great anti stress.

So, I’m going on a diet! And you better not laugh and stay quite,
since that was my meal this night, three grapes….. i actually have weigh them,
it’s one gram, sadly and is quite madly that i’m weighing each portion,
wich really is a bit of distortion.

3 grapes
3 grapes
I’m gonna start looking like those freaking apes

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Foto 290
That would be in some strange of high, alcohol mixed with… who knows maybe ethanol.

I have cause quite a lot of pain to the people around me, and I try not to be that me.
I have been sober for 4 weeks, but,
I find myself depressed, I don’t want to talk to people they aggravate me , I’m just being lazy,
and this shit is crazy.
Saying it in a public forum one commentator said I had guts.
No guts in this one if you find about other things I have actually contributed to society.
Who would have thought that I will find myself in this kind of knot, they did tell me
that sobriety will take some time to….really get hold of myself.
Just a fight each day, but I have not drinked, the joints I smoke I will admit,
even when I buy them joints from the idiots, or I’ m the idiot better said, they bore
me this guys. Not the gals though.

Is difficult and I better get my ass out of the couch and start doing.
To be like this


Stay Frosty gents and gentesses/

Change and growth

I know these type of videos are corny, actually if you would tell me about seeing
these type of videos 5 years ago I would laugh at you, and if you would have told
me this at 19 the coooooooool, army boy time, I would laugh and then smack you.
Now at my age 34, actually the number doesn’t matter.

I have always beeen a big drinker, even at age 13 when I started to drink.
After army days it really got out of control, I ended up homeless and a criminal,
unfortunately I have a criminal record because of the booze.
That was quite something to say in public, fuck it.
But what they say in this video, specially the first one minute and a half
it is what is happening to me as of a couple of weeks. And is hard, since I do
live in a small town where the old so called friends live and other towns I move around
I see other so called friends, you can imagine what they do for a living…. and is hard
to not fall out of line and go out with them on a party trip, hard hard as an addict since
I AM an addict, it is hard. And tomorrow again to the detox center, and this has been for
a week or so, And life is really starting to look much brighter.
So this was a real cool video that as I was hearing it I was thinking to myself
this is exactly what is happening to me now.
Gotta take out the laoundry now, since we are 4 in this house so you got to
get there in fast, read ya latter!