Man o man…. fuck this shit

Foto 313

That’s my cool photo
in your grotto
but actually i have notice
one notice
i rhyme and
with my words
that are some kind of strange birds
lets go!
Fuck i am scared of today,
going to yet again, the detox center
had a quick shower and now waiting for the bus hour
9 thirty that is,
wich i can not miss,
and i’ m taking a piss,
scared shitless
but you got to do what you got to do,
mother always said that and is true.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

P.S. This really sounds like a diary…. so screw it, that is what i got to tell.

I´m scared shitless


Tomorrow is the big day. Going to see a shrink because….
don´t you know I´m crazy ese? Don´t you know I´m “loco”?
I haven´t taken alcohol or other things in a couple of weeks
but,it´s a constant struggle. Why even bother to lie, I did fuck up
quite good at the beginning of the month when I received the paycheck from
the State, went on a spending spree of not good things.
Right now I´m in minus 285$ in the bank and
I´m not sure how I will be able to pay next months rent and all
because of the addiction. Funny thing that here in Spain since it´s
all public, we have universal health care, well it takes months for
you to get an appointment. So you ask months in advance and I guess this is my present for Christmas
seeing the psychiatrist, and see how he can help me with the addiction,
send me to an out patient program also a public one and all those kind
of things. And that scares me shitless. Plus I don´t know exactly if
I´ll be able to get the money back, but if I get my shit together with the addiction
thing, surely I won´t spend all that money.
The mental health specialist scares me shitless, period. A great life change for sure
if I want to stay sober and that scares me like a little girl.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Don´t drink and…write on the computer!!


They say don´t drink and drive
You could end up in a strange position like the swan dive
I say don´t drink and write on the computer
You´ll end up as a disgrace commuter, or me at least
going from place to place in disgrace to use the computer
of someone else, they scream at me “how the fuck did you brake it again?!”
I respond, “Is not that I broke it, it broke itself”, and it ends up
in the “dead shelf”. Technically I didn´t brake it though, so I´m not lying to them,
I just spilled a glass of whiskey on the computer, and it seems it wasn´t of her taste,
she did eventually went to waste, so here I am, broke, not able to buy another one,maybe
next month Santa rides a long, gives me a bong, and a sweet computer, that would be
quite a good song. So do not drink and write on the computer, or at least don´t drink to
the point that you see double and are trying to write some crazy thing-the bling bling
can stop and no more sing, only me left hitting my head against the wall in my downward fall.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

empty words

I will never do it again
Lets see it begin
I did not driiink, phew phew…
Again trying to preach from an isolated pew?
It is the last time
You´re not worth a dime
I didn´t punch that window out of the bar
So why do you have another court date with that scar?
I didn´t punch that guy
So this court date is for the judge to give you a bonsai?
I won´t…..
Get outta here.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

8 a.m Drunk

It´s 8 a.m
after party of Thanksgiving day
i think I am
a delicious ham
but a bit shit face
you could say in place
i have no disgrace
in the ungrace I craze…to kill!
damn, I just popped a pill
what a thrill
gonna jump a down hill,
how is that possible by the way?
ha, because I so say
wanna screw by the way
and yell, heeeey!
Well well,
this is so swell
fuck it, i´m drunk
as a horny skunk.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The drunk poet in a slut house

*Be advice: Subject matter not suitable for everyone*

Writing this at six a.m
what a scam he had began
He say
He say
His rule, walking slowly like a mule
in to the garden of eve….
where the slut is there sleeping with no fear
so he woke up and tried to find a piece of paper
not in a slut house is easy to find, but his mind
still hurting, hangover bearing had an idea;
let´s wake the fuck up the other “John”
so out he went, out of the room, leaving Miss. Sunshine
asleep  in her dirty cum covered body.

Who the hell in a slut house asks for pen and paper?…
Guess it was him, the semi drunken alligator, also is the predator

He takes a sip of wine, what a fucked up shrine he just made
to his demise another day, almost his birthday up to today
where he screwed up his sobriety. Now he suffers from anxiety, but
he stops right then and there.

He looks at the mirror and doesn´t like what he sees.
No more drinking, not today. Lit´s his last cigarette, gets dressed
amongst all that mess, and walks off, shaking it off.

Just not today.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.