afghan war

Kill(over 1800 years old)

Sorry, he did say 7 guys maybe it was 3 as you see in the video, maybe it was 100.
Ever been to war?
So here we go, not pretty,
Gotta love (Me as a former foot Spanish soldier, althougth they had it easy in some sense not all) them.
You know how many times these guys saved us, the Spanish? Guess not. Yep, drunk.

Brotherhood is not friendship

There we go again with the same freaking picture. Lets keep it quick.

Friendships, you meet this person or the other and there is a bond
to tell your sad stories or funny ones, whatever, and that can create a friendship.

Brotherhood, you actually don’t need to like the persons around you, you actually do
since for one reason only, you are stuck with these guys for years, and everybody has
their job, say again… everybody has to do their job. In the worst experience that
you can imagine, you can’t even imagine. They know their job I know mine so we are
ready to do the job, putting your life on the line not because of heroes, but is
quite simple, you have been trained for that.

Stay Frosty gents

Any sane person hates war

3.m in Spain….go figure this one out

The title was a quote by a journalist, it got me thinking then,
there is a small percentage of the U.S population, or
Spanish population (where I was in the army) and believe it
or not the Italians, French, the countries can go on.
And there is this small part of the population, usually young but not all
that want it, they do want to test themselves to see what they
are made of.

Once you experience it, either you cry like a bitch
and there is no problem with that, or you volunteer for another
tour, in my case I did it for the only reason because they where “my guys”
going there, and I wasn´t going to miss that. I should say, you don´t
have to volunteer for another tour, you did your job and that is it,
but if you are called again you do it. It is a volunteer army.

You see, you do,you smell not very nice things.

But, fuck that comment any sane person hates war, is not about hating war,
is about, you as a person who
volunteers to do a job and that job does not mean to be in the red cross,
and that person who volunteered to do that job, (I was infantry)so what
do you expect if you sign up for the infantry? Or for that mater
whatever job you choose to go into the army or airforce or marines,
what do you think this machine is made for? War, death and destruction.

That is the reality so fuck that pussy ass comment. And if you are one
of those soldiers who bitch about the war, that they tricked you into it…
so fuck you. And this one real pisses me off, apart from the civilians that
say “bring our soldier back.” You pisses of shit, you don´t know really know
them, and their circumstances and what they see and do, you have no clue so
fuck you too. And If you do know them and are a family member of them,
say what my mother told me my last deployment, “Can you bring me some sand
back?” I asked her a bit nutty face, “Sand….what?” Answer..” To show my girlfriends.”
That says to me all. She was proud, she definitely not like it or for sure
didn´t agree with it, but that was her for her son.
So point being,”Any sane person hates war”….guess I am insane, and quite
some others. Actually…. This guy I should have heard the whole
video. And if you have the time, go to minute 4. And he is a
professional thinker….(something like that there is?) so
he now actually make sense.

No problem seeing this or saying about this. Sort off.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses, I´m just making friends.