african american

Those black people…..evil!!!

Here goes the video of Candance Owens( black woman and very smart in my opinon)
Interviewing this white Navy Seal, there are a lot of elements there, so please comment
or just hit the LIKE button, I make money out of it. Like like like, very interesting
those two people which I can relate in some senses from both sides.
(I had to put that title, it was catchy, think what you want about it but politcal correctness is not what I write
I do write the truth though)

black power!-video

It also happens here in Spain, for me is not new
they should make a paperview of these idiots communist
they are not even cool in my strange crazy list.

Black power and fucked up hateful white idiot
sorry, I just spilled some snot.
I just like once in a while to put up these things,
it´s a different vision you rarely see in your television.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I think I´m black and gay


I have the rhythm inside me
hip hop stinging like a bee
that is quite whack
so I might be black
why do black dudes and dudess
have that rhythm in general in them?
don´t know but i feel´em
so i might be half black
on the attack

I think i might be gay
the other day
i saw this beautiful girl
and i didn´t even shout at one of her curl
i even stopped going out looking to catch a chick
so that´s not slick
i might even like a dick
that sounded a bit sick
so i figured that i might be gay
might even change my name to Mae

Fuck this is nuts….

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.