al gore


Probably whatching
Too many Youtube videos

Here is the thing
With Corona blig

Watching ex-soldiers bitching about
In the political and personal doubt

I was lucky then? Got a hen,
I remember the “Pater” in Spanish
Spanish Leghion that is and he was an actrual priest.

We, me and 100+ guys, sat in a room, wordly no room,
he asked what would become a friend from Colombia,
he asked him ” What are you doing here?”
answer ” for my country!!!! He yelled.

I´m thinking like every one is thinking, I need money, it´s a cool job at that time
so that went behind like all of us in the military in our younger ages,
fuck with this trying to make this a poetry with structure,
the Priest told him ” This is a job”, so fuck those (making friends) veterans being sorry,
you chose to enlist, I did too, specially infantry, what the fuck would happen?
You are going to do and see abnormal things, but you chose it, don´t bring it to politics. Punks.

Too many Youtube videos, but it is great…. that they will track what kind of videos you play with
so I mix them up together to see what the youtube algorithm hiiiiimmmmm would “suggest” , gave me
something to think off, in not this only aspect by the way so lets heeeeeeeeee!

climate change rant

Here I am sitting with my friend Bearry Bear. It´s quite nice.
So this climate change summit is here in my country, Madrid the great capital.
We got this nutcase girl that came from I don’t know where in a katamaran,
she is the idol of all the youth. To me she does has the eyes of a killer, then
I see in the news that an astronaut is talking about climate change-pollution.
Is this idiot up there to give me even more lessons about this topic? Doesn´t
he has to figure out how to reach Mars or at least keep the International shit station
working, just something that astronauts might do instead of giving me their moral
superiority ideas. I can go on, forgot, the cows shit seems that pollutes more than cars.
So now what a dilemma….we start killing cows right and left?
I got it, humans have something to do with climate change but do they have to bombard
me day in day out at every hour with these nutcases telling me to not drive or use this
or that, or watch out with the…everything! Bunch of bullshit, it´s cool now to be the
crusaders of keeping the climate great.
O.K, go to India where they pollute more than all the countries put together and tell
the poor bastard that is making just enough money to eat a day if lucky to stop working
on the factory, lets see what he says.
At least give me some type of rational solutions instead of making it a spectacle where
everyone seems to be part of but in reality not doing anything in their day to day life.

Bunch of hypocrites. The other day while I was having a smoke(polluting) in front of the
hospital were my mother has to go on a reglar basis I see this incredible car, I´m just
waiting for the driver… to pump it up baby! Let me hear that engine and….shhhhhhh
it was an electric car! It pissed me off and that made me have to smoke 3 more cigarettes
to calm me down hence I polluted the earth and polluted my health.
By the way, wasn’t there an ice age some years ago? Just saying.