the last train


The last train has long been gone. I hit the bottom, yet again. So many
times I have been in detox centres that this time I decided it has to be
only on me to stay sober.

I don´t have a steady job, neither does over 20% of the population,
Writing is my job but it doesn´t pay the 10 by 20 foot room I rent. I know
the measurements because I just measured them!I get odd jobs here and there,
which you obviously don´t pay taxes on them. I receive a 350$ pension from the state,
that is great. With that I pay rent,little food,little cigarettes,and the booze.
No eating at restaurants, no movies, no nothing. Whoever said money doesn´t make you happy….
I can kill that person.

To not get the booze I play mind tricks. Obviously stick to my daily schedule I have set
to myself, but when I get in this 10 by 20 foot room….I dress as if I was on a job interview
while I sit in the only hard wooden chair in front of the computer. As long as I write
I´m in a office so I dress as a Wall Street executive. If I decide to lay down to read in bed,
I put on a tracksuit. I get up to the computer and put on my work clothes.
Just little mind tricks if not I slip into the dark side.
The last train….I guess I´ll have to buy a new one.

drunk poetry

I have to say that I’m a drunk
I also buy a bunch of chunk
The devil is whispering…drink drink, shooooooo,

I lived in Dublin,
that was my drunken sin,
but i’m always in my rights
I don’t regret fucking a sheep
Like a barbarian… where is my thong?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Look who’s back

Damn, did I get fat… Aywas, hit it!!

Ladies and gentleman,
i’m back!
for a quick snack
just got out from the detox
horny as a wild fox
14 days of uncommunicated
i was a bit frustrated
monitored 24/7 by nurses and guards
and we only had one hour out to the yards
that’s the name
of the detox game
not suppose to be easy
plus the fucking hospital food made you uneasy
so the detox is done
next face is a dishabituation
so not whole lot of fun
after dishabituation
i KNOW i can build my own little nation.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Fuck you I’m drunk

I left in the morning
Because you were too boring
I got to the bar
And shit that was smart
You call me all type of names
Wich I can do a dumb relates
You tell me this things
And I’ll just buy 100 drinks

Fuck You I’m drunk! Fuck You I’m drunk!
You throw it away but I still have more in the trunk.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

P.S. Under the age of 18 don’t do it, actually don’t do it at all whatever the age is.
winking here, that was long time ago thankfully.

Change and growth

I know these type of videos are corny, actually if you would tell me about seeing
these type of videos 5 years ago I would laugh at you, and if you would have told
me this at 19 the coooooooool, army boy time, I would laugh and then smack you.
Now at my age 34, actually the number doesn’t matter.

I have always beeen a big drinker, even at age 13 when I started to drink.
After army days it really got out of control, I ended up homeless and a criminal,
unfortunately I have a criminal record because of the booze.
That was quite something to say in public, fuck it.
But what they say in this video, specially the first one minute and a half
it is what is happening to me as of a couple of weeks. And is hard, since I do
live in a small town where the old so called friends live and other towns I move around
I see other so called friends, you can imagine what they do for a living…. and is hard
to not fall out of line and go out with them on a party trip, hard hard as an addict since
I AM an addict, it is hard. And tomorrow again to the detox center, and this has been for
a week or so, And life is really starting to look much brighter.
So this was a real cool video that as I was hearing it I was thinking to myself
this is exactly what is happening to me now.
Gotta take out the laoundry now, since we are 4 in this house so you got to
get there in fast, read ya latter!



Pills Pills!!
hoping they don´t do me kills
the freaking Psychiatrist…
I think he was a bit racist, or not
it just rhymed
without having to take wine

Pill Pill!!
was his will
that´s quite the variety
to try to keep my sobriety
what the fuck?
did that dude thought I was depressed?
I think he´s the one that´s quite the messed, up
he did look like Santa Clause though
without all the snow
Pills Pills!!!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

weekly smile

Prompt by:

Why is this dude smiling?yo pa kruti

You can´t really tell I´m smiling
cause I´m not, neither I´m crying
So that is “the park”(one of them anyways)
were there are no ducks that quack
And I haven´t set a foot there
for a long time and I have more time to spare
Not the best of places
only criminals giving you their graces.

So I smile!! Two weeks, Two weeks!
without any drinks
Staying sober
so I don´t become that ogre
One day at a time
hopefully this time
yet again
will be a long lasting train, healthy ride
to say a long good by to the alcohol high.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

empty words

I will never do it again
Lets see it begin
I did not driiink, phew phew…
Again trying to preach from an isolated pew?
It is the last time
You´re not worth a dime
I didn´t punch that window out of the bar
So why do you have another court date with that scar?
I didn´t punch that guy
So this court date is for the judge to give you a bonsai?
I won´t…..
Get outta here.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

50 word story: sinking in the river of bourbon

Lost in a flood of Bourbon he sinks, he drinks but it seems the flood water levels never go down.
Quite the contrary, he´s now sinking more in them, they pull him down
and he can feel he´s chocking, no air, just despair.
Suddenly a revelations….. swim or die !

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

P.S. I did steal this idea from this man Richard Ankers | The Writings, but compared to his
writings it seems I have a looong and looong way to go. But was fun.
And it really has 50 words!!

Cut the crap or I will snap

but inspired
I to get kind of tired
just push the right button
you got me angrier
no bullshit, you did  unleash the bull terrier
I am a writer
tell that to my idiot the “Snider”
you don´t like what is my JOB
so fuck you
then writing
no contest
love this test
people will say this is not work
so don´t push me
or you will get hurt
I know I´m not sounding like ham
I am I just a normal man
with the good and bad
but never tell me
to me
that writing is not a job
fuck you the snob
going on one ore two rafter
I already did it
which is
I guess you can get it
I did it
so police
are a pain like my niece… ya though 😉
now another one
for a broken nose
spilling blood like a hose
telling me this is not work
or reading and taking notes
no wonder you eventually got that nose
see ya

Now, Stay Frosty gents and gentesses,

And tomorrow I believe  I can read you,hell why did I start a blog, forget  about the my blog, I do, believe it or not ,and if not fuck that snot, just to learn from you people, so go and go I was gonna say the peep hole, just get into internet. I am good at writting and if not…….well I do love the processing,

Stay Frosty