ameirican politics

The Priest lesson on politics

Hello my flock, your shepherd will guide you today on this Sunday mass….

Politics 101.Always play to the emotions of voters never let them think rationally.

The left is very good at it, they actually have a “think tank” named
Game Changer Labs (Google it if you want),and these people who work in that left think tank
their names are not public. You have no idea who they are, and they specialized in going
from country to country all around the world and give the candidates of those countries running
for President the “line” they should follow when it gets to the message, it´s all about the message
and they are the masters at selling the politician. I´m not saying is good or bad,
each to his own. It´s just easier to rally people when you play to their emotions and
not for the politician to expose their real policies-intentions and how will he get them done. They are also involved in Venezuela amongst others with that cool dictator Maduro.

I even feel smart…going to Church later on, and you should too. I demand it as you are my flock.
Not kidding about going to church.
The Priest that must have around 200 years is a great guy by the way, very funny man, good man.
Who would have thought me making friends with an ancient priest…

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Don Charisma(political article)

I was asked by a fellow and friend blogger to be a guest blogger on his blog.
And the name of the blog is

I got into politics, he asked me to write about the gravity of the political situation
here in Spain(he didn’t know at first until I started commenting in the comment section)
and I was more than honored to do so. You’ll probably think someone else
wrote it, since most of those who read me are used to my crazy things. I do know a lot
about politics for the simple reason that I was born into a family of political operatives.
The ones who work behind the scenes. The ones you don’t see in t.v but are the one who the
politician relies on to win the elections. And dad is the best at it.
So in my house as a kid, it was always politics so for me it´s easy.
As you can see I´m the black sheep of the family, took another route
a drastic different route and way of life, but I still get the inside that most people
don’t get. Not my fault, I didn’t choose to be born into the political world. How to
groom the candidate, how to control the message, where to go first for more votes, e.t.c.
And know the political rivals obviously, how they operate. I just heard it since I was a kid.
Go check it out if you wish, it´s a facet of me I didn’t want to put in this blog.
Don’t go into much shock though if you go and read it, I´m still a crazy priest!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

who would have thought…Trump

Who would have thought I can analize,
Trump. And make it in some form of poetry. I actually disagree with father,
but no bother.
Trump can read the crowd loyal to him, be himself, and off the cuff jokes,
quite funny actually, he has a incredible team behind him,
he is very smart at making people look dumb, “Fake news”, it stuck.Amongst others.
People underestimate him. Including my dad but he is old school political consultant.
So there goes (whoever wants to read) a bit of my background, and being his son…
I still remember at age 10 him driving me to school, which for him was not cool,
me with the walkie talkie listening to my music and him talking about some of what I wrote.
Take a note.
Yet my dad is the King in my eyes.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Charles…famous quote

Question: What is the differnce between a democrat and a socialist?
Answer: The democrat is a socialist wtith a filter

Charles Krauthammer said that, and I will add socialist slash communist, I see a bit
then regret
not a bit.
If I´m morally right
That is my totallity
I know it can bring some dark gravity
Bring it, then
It is called hen.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

trump,charly´s view in 175 words.

A player. How the fuck he managed to get the North Korean Dictator to let him cross ¨the line¨?
The DMZ that is. Trump´s father told him, ¨you áre a millionaire¨. Trump said, ¨A millionaire?
you are fucked up dad, I will go where you never went, Manhattan, and be a Billionaire¨.
I predict this, and listen as if I´m GOD, the little idiot of North Korea is going to keep on
doing his own crazy thing, launch a missle her and there, atom bomb you have it, proclaim it,
The ¨T¨for Trumping. Good move this one. Flexing muscles, for the cameras and the perception of people.
Got the last part? Perception…… and that is one key.
Talking about key, If I walk out the front door I have no fucking clue how will I return, since
I have no keys, cell phone also fucked up, doesn´t work, and… familly pissed off, and….
Trump the player, I think he is playing it good, he did get the Mexicans to move their ass.To name one.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Politics makes me laugh

I´m not a political person, the name of the blog it is called Crazy Life.
Once in a blue moon I get into politics, I just know how these type of people function,
here in my cool socialist country of Spain…..I can even walk right now to the drug dealers
that are stationed outside my house and tell them that give me ¨that¨ for free….
Even these nutcases ( I include myself) know there is nothing free, they are capitalist!

Jesus….. Ocasio Cortez, the worst part is that you probably believe it in your heart.
And that is more dangerous than just other normal bullshit politicians say,
but the video did make me laugh.
I should make a video of me now that we get into it, Charly´s world .
That´s a hit. So since I live in a very nice town, I will actually go now
and tell my good hearted handsome friends selling candy if it is free….But if I return to this room
with my face looking like the weird dude of Notre Damn, is the fault of Cortez.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

very hard men

I think I´m tough because of my military experience,
apart from that….nothing. I came up with a familly who
provided lights,food, roof over the head, education,mom is my communication,
dad is the rare but necessary infiltration.

Father (and mother)grew up with absolutely no money after the Spanish civil war,
I can go and go and go on about how he made it to what he is now
and I think even before.

His 3 other brothers lets say to be nice, are not the best,
but he made something of himself. I won´t go into much detail,
apart from reading my post of him,fuck shit!

I believe these type of people are really born with a drive,
that drive took him to places that when I learn from it,
from mother ofcourse since this man will never tell me nothing,
that fucking drive you have to be born with it. My guess,
but even though I might have not been up to his expectations
or I might have been I will never really know and I don´t really
care by the way, it´s me and me, love him to death though and he,
well my pretty guess is that, in his own way, he does loves me.

Getting out of topic, a hard man, from building bricks to
building nations on politicians that are SOME, not all, dicks.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.