american elections


(Charles Pnzi…..know today as the Ponzi Scheeme)

The so proclaimed girlfriend of mine, seems in her head to try to fuck me,
couldn´t do it in person, she did take me to trial for ” violence against women”,
I was found not guilty since I didn´t do anything of what she said and proven by
the prosecutors own witnesses.

I do believe (so and so) that when she still calls and tells me about hackers, she could be very well
be in that type of mind frame,(plus quite some others) I also believe she can´t do shit.
She is just bluffing, and with others… No, you can´t get me. Pisses you off I know that,
sorry, my familly you think is worry about the? No, telling me she has my bank codes or more
sorry, not gonna worry, trying to put fear on me? No.
I take it seriously, but no fear believe me.

You bitch and bitches that “work for her”, you think there is nobody watching you?
at this stage? Punks.
Give time to time.
Pure war, and I have always won on not firefights but loooong war.
Don´t you people have anything else to do in your life? I do, and is not to fuck others,
yet I will fuck you up quite literally if you intrude on me. Makes sense you

At the end of the day…. nothing for me, trust me on that one.
(giving them a bait, or not a bait but for bitch and bitch friends, I will dessintegrate you)

A world in shock

Don the Trump…
Trumping Trumping
The world is jumping
Both the establishment left and the right
Have been struck by the not normal light
Heads spinning
I´m grinning(I predicted it by the way)
What a show
Against all imaginable odds he has bestow
The president of the United States
And it seems the world shakes

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.