American politics

Deputy of Social Security services (Hello gal)

Nice to receive a note saying now I owe you money, basically,
hence in the first place fix the fucking system and don´t
give me and millions more 400 Euros a month. I would take care
of myself, there was a wise saying, ” Never depend on anybody”,
I might have invented that one, but at least is true.
So thank you Mrss. Deputy of Social… destroying,
start making it easier to get us employing.
Fuck you bitch, cut me out now? If I´m in the streets next month
you might have a problem. I just said this out loud? I did.
Not gonna do anything obviously, except venting frustrations
for you to get rich and stay in power. Bunch of us idiots by the way
that they will make you think the State will be your mommy, then.. down the drain.
You can´t fight the State, might as well join them in this Spanish climate with
the Corona, it did came handy for the socialist-communist, and not very good
for the rest of us. Might as well enjoy what I have for this month to sleep
in a room. What a fucking system of ass-holes, just put out something
that provides for jobs and I´m willing to do it like not a lot of people actually
but do not put your socialist-communist system in place, I should have been
earlier on in that curve and took precautions, but not much we could do
regarding to jobs. I probably exhausted all the job applications that my body
as fucked as it is phisically can exhaust.
You Americans vote for the socials-liberals, there you go the consequences.

My new idol(video!!)

Apart from Julia Roberts that I felt in love as a kid, this woman is hot and smart
plus loyal to the president agree with him or not. She has all these sharks reporters
with the “catch you question”, it´s not even a question they are just saying their own thoughts
making it look like a question. Having family members and knowing a bit about
politics and specially journalist, these reporters get worst and worst, I think Trump just made them nuts.
And Trump loves it. I actually think he woldn´t get out of bed if he didn´t have to fight his opponents.

Great optics seing the hottie, and a very smart lady to deal with those sharks of media reporters,
so called reporters that eventually have turned into comentaries of what they think,
but putting up as a question. Nothing new at this point.
Just interesting to see the back and forth, a very intelligent woman this person.
Tough as nails and she got the reporters in check. Has to be hard that job,
I myself would literally smack the reporters after so many “catch you when I can questions” bombarding her.
I thought she was great at dealing with that situation and it is day after day for her.

Kellyanne Conway(video)

One of the Trumps dogs of war. You might hate her, and if you do you are
anti-feminist. She reminds me of my mother I always go back to my mother….
And I have lived what most people should not lived, but always back to mommy.
Anyways, by the way fuck that Iñaki guy commenting on my blog, out of here
he might be a terrorsit from the Vasc Country(a providence of Spain) so fuck
this nut case. I sort of know where he is going, I´m traking you…. not me actually
but others that are smarter.

That was me saying how this woman like my mother, is a strong woman.
You can see in her face the toll is taking on her that job, she also has children so she might be human.

She is loyal and a fighter. 2 good qualities in humans.

Woman/man might as well now in these days of politically correctness add a dog in the mix,
and a rabit so he or she does not feel bad.

Loyalty and fighter.

Tell my mommy she is a… as the socialist will say not outloud.
“She is under control from a man” actually they do say it outloud, haaaa!
Jeeeesus, Mommy will just look at you and not even smack you.
I would be the dummy that does smack you and then go to prison, already happened so… just in my genes.
Not mothers genes, mine, but gotta love both of these two women, my mother more.

Just putting out an example for all people, if they want to read and follow that example.
(that was intense and did I misspelled something?… that was intensew)

Trump( video)

Lets make it short, he will win 2020. I guarantee that, might piss you off,
but don´t be the kind of person that goes with sentiments,usally it does not work well for society.
Be practical.
I might look at ” it” from another point of view.
Also…I´m an Oso, they guy reminds me of my father,
you have in the video the woman giving him some chocolats for the kids,
basically in her mind is to make the president look good that is her job,
might hate him or love him,
it is not my concern.
Although it did remind me of my father, love him to death.Not comparing my father
with Trump. The only thing is that some men and women are just not made up for little kids.
My father… he has more morals than this man, but don´t expect him to be a kid lover.

And the ultimate gol is that they are the children of the “press core”, gotta love that one.

The Priest lesson on politics

Hello my flock, your shepherd will guide you today on this Sunday mass….

Politics 101.Always play to the emotions of voters never let them think rationally.

The left is very good at it, they actually have a “think tank” named
Game Changer Labs (Google it if you want),and these people who work in that left think tank
their names are not public. You have no idea who they are, and they specialized in going
from country to country all around the world and give the candidates of those countries running
for President the “line” they should follow when it gets to the message, it´s all about the message
and they are the masters at selling the politician. I´m not saying is good or bad,
each to his own. It´s just easier to rally people when you play to their emotions and
not for the politician to expose their real policies-intentions and how will he get them done. They are also involved in Venezuela amongst others with that cool dictator Maduro.

I even feel smart…going to Church later on, and you should too. I demand it as you are my flock.
Not kidding about going to church.
The Priest that must have around 200 years is a great guy by the way, very funny man, good man.
Who would have thought me making friends with an ancient priest…

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

radical entropy

Entropy is a branch of physics not lyrics,
lyrics is what I write, for good or bad they are dynamite.
I told you readers yes, then no, then to hold, go here and there,
might as well have a blank stare.
You got confused, the atoms-electrons-protons-matter
are going nuts, they do head buts and cancel each other.
So that should be a bother.
The lack of predictability and order is a gradual decline to disorder.
What is happening in U.S politics?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Twitter executives

Everybody has an agenda. Twitter has obviously a big platform with their agenda.
That agenda is their politics and everything involved around that. It is a private company though,
so even if I don´t agree with their algorithms, I think the algorithms are made by humans…..
They can easily be charged in a court, a court that is fair. But life is not fair.
If you don´t like it , just get out of twitter since I found out another platform trying to compete
with Twitter.I can be smart and since in twitter you will get thrown out for not adopting an extreme
left political position I will use it for my crazy poetry. Be smart,or live what I believe in?
There is a line in the middle for the two objectives.

Just a smart thought as I woke up and I made it short and simple, you should thank me.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Just haley

I´m going political and not so radical but, political lyrical
here is my woman, hey yo feminist or bullshit men patriarchs
as the socialists have become marxist.Make me . Debate,
and I would love it. You can´t over argue me. Quite strange since
the blog it is called crazy life….and me the Priest.
Forgot, I am anti woman in power, Hillary the Clint-on,
was once a day that thankfully will not come.

Forgot again, isn´t it horrible for a woman that is, I guess right winger,
to say these terrible things to the great, very efective U.N?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

how to loose followers

People talk about writing for others and that is the reality
problem with me, I don’t give a shit… sorry i had to spit.
Why in the world would people follow me? I think is the CIA
anyways it’s my ways

I love the guy, not in the gay way though,
he says outluod to the whole word what a bunch of us
are saying in the living room, but then have to be
politically correct when you talk out off the living room.
The name of the blog is crazy life, but sometimes I get serious…
i think, or was that my last drink?
less followers and less people in general
are heated debates about politics
since they are not in the sincs.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.