American politics

Slovakian guy

I’m only mad at this person because he is build as a brick wall.
The other concern I have is…. I agree with him.
The other “thing” I have, is that these Antifa,wich they are
the classical communist, sorry for them.
Since he(the gent that is Slovakian)
knows he can kick the ass of probably most of those idiots I would say.
He did choose to expose them for who they are. I guess that living
in Slovakia under with some communist out there,makes some people think, but most of all
is the people who have lived, and understand what it is. Not the rich
fuckers like Antifa, they live in a land that they portray is bad,
go to Russia and protest, would love to see that.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

One of trump supporters…..

“In this dark time of too-few heroes” That’s how the article of one blogger started, I won’t even give his link,since when he or she writes poetry I actually like the poetry. This blogger goes on to tell the story of her name a 50 plus year old woman, has numerous university degrees and calling her a hero.
Forget about the people who serve in the military,police,firefighters,people who serve in charitable events and help the helpless,even those pacifist that I find their work pointless but at least they walk the talk and put themselves in danger going to dangerous countries,teachers, and I can go on and on but.. nope the hero is a 50 plus year old biker in a free country giving the finger to POTUS, great hero,try to do that in Iran, lets see where she ends up, and great way to teach her children how to react when they don’t agree with others.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.