American soldiers

Soldiers mourn? Ask Patton.

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“It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died.
Rather, we shall thank God that such men have lived.”

George S. Patton.

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Why soldiers miss war

Come on now, you can stick for 13 minutes that it lasts.
And after hearing this guy I actually learned something
about me that I have never thought of.
But it did get to me when he said,
“Brother hood is different from freindship”, that
I can understand.

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Guess who? It was just a “chilly” day, and since we are so cool since we didn’t go to school
we just thought to wear that shit.

Here is the theory of a guy, that he has had it rougher than we did.
And it had to be an American….. damn you!!! Why do we Spanish never get in t.v
and be cool heroes. With a red cap like superman. I actually like this guy,
you hear it in youtube,since we never talked about this subject, so/….. I also
listen to this youtube thing and hear other soldiers say stupid shit, at least
in my mind. This guy got it right, yet again at least in my mind.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I am Charly the great

Damn, it is 7 a.m, I can can can not sleep
so I’m going to kill a sheep
counting sheeps while I sleep
is quite a relief,
what the fuck am I talking about?
Have no idea, no message to send, nothing, just bored out of my fucking mind

I am Einstein!!!… That was a cool quote.

Take a look you bunch of neanderthals type of crook
This is what I was watching, fuck me, and I can relate to that,
but I was never in a position to speak outloud…..military is a dictatorship
you can’t talk even if I had a grand idea as to how we could f them up, nope
dope, mouth shut ass tingly tingly….by the way I am not drunk, and I think
since I’m stopping the drinking the body just does not let me sleep, so here I am
listen to it if you want…. why the hell do I watch this things? Maybe is some
kind of masochism that I like or something, yaaaaaa know! Kind of weirdo!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses…..can somebody tell me joke?

Veterans day my way

Do the Americans say “happy veterans day”. I think I remember it from when I was back in the U.S some quite a long time ago now. What´s happy about it I don´t know. Anyways, there is American saying that stuck with me( not really I wrote it down in my cool little note bo0k)  that I´m going to completely modify ” Mourn the dead,  remember them thank God that they once lived and move on”. There is already quite a few thousands and thousands of direct or indirect family members who mourn every single day, just not only one day of the year. Is that what people do mourn….I thought they made it a vacation most of the time most of the people.

So I went to youtube, forgot, I also was in the army except my army had a slightly different uniform and had a Spanish flag on the left arm. Hard to believe coming from me I know, when and if, people find out I was in the Legion and deployed they actually look at me amazed. But that was my reality at a younger version of myself, quite different by the way, been to combat seen it done it, smelled it, felt it, and not going on to describe those things since I found it pointless to do so to people that never experience it.

This youtube video, hell, you can find anything on youtube, probably type out my name or yours and find me. I don´t really watch combat videos or firefight videos, I know the terminology now to find them, don´t watch them because they bore me.  Yesterday I started seeing one then I stopped. And read the comments. Couldn´t believe the people, people with no idea of what it is like  they have now become Generals saying this guys should have not fired so much or this guy should be here and not there….what the F…ck?

So for me, since I´m tired of mourning(lost 3 of my guys there) i found a funny video of the  British soldiers.Not all veterans are Americans, they actually have it quite better than the rest of us, and I´m glad they do.  Won´t go bore you why. And yes those type of strange conversation specially I like the one at minute 2.14 do happen when there is a lull in the firefight. I can go on forever at the screwed up things we would say in the lull of a firefight or after or during. Completely absurd now that I think back, yet again when your surrounded my so much shit around you, you better have a sense of humour, tends to keep morale up. So here it goes the video, actually had to chuckle at some of the guys, good memories they brought. Because it was all about that, the guys next to you. And remember the quote…… if you want.


British Soldiers and Royal Marines in Afghanistan – Funny – YouTube