out of my chest

The battle of WordPress! I think this is the second time or maybe third time
that a person has gone off the wall with me, and about what? I wrote the piece
about life is beautiful! I did call her a bitch though. Sorry is that as bad as her
talking about my military service and calling me a killer? Later on after my response
then I was a troll, then later on…later on…later on… she send me I don´t know how
many comments, not nice ones obviously so who is the troll? Who are you to call me a killer?
As I said in one comment to her, If you weere a guy next facing me I will fuck you up.
Don´t test “the grandious Charly the great” 😉 bullshitting with this last line.
Probably that is why she got so emotional, but I will call her bitch since I call guys bitch
it can be a term of endearment or a term of insult, latter for this woman
O, later she accuses me that I use women followers as a shield, so my response is that go
talk to them, last thing I need to hear from a person….and on and on and on.
So I decided to be transparent and
show her comments in the other post and expose you. Not in my nature really. But really,
do not mess with my integrety or try to do backflips with false accusations.
That I will not tolerate, so if you want to see her comments there is the link, and a link to
her page also, just exposing her and I believe I did it with a HIM, so don´t play that
sexist card with me. You don´t have arguments you are pissed off so go and rant off to…

Thursday Rant!! aaaaa!!!!

Tuesday I put on up these images Yes, scaffolds.
Not at as easy as it seems to mount them trust me and I tore a ligament.
For a 6 your a day under 33 heat celcious the “boss”, bastard, paid me
20 Euros, he was nice enough to buy me a delicious hamburger before I fainted.

Wednesday, great day! I´m in freaking pain in my back, you know how much those freaking
scaffolds weight, and they are not as nice as in the picture, these are old rusty, you have
to make the pieces fit by hitting it with a hammer and bending and e.t.c. plus they don´t
have weels like that picture so when he or me finished a section of the roof, we were fixing
the freaking roof, we had to move it, it felt once almost on top of us and again putting it back
together, now Wednesday! It was this images-1
Doesn´t he seem happy the old man, fuck that, me and my a-hole “boss” had to cut two big
oak trees, again, not as easy as people might think to get a electric saw and that´s it, you
have to know where to cut it so it doesn´t fall on top of the house or on us, but first you go up
the tree, that would be me, and cut the “small” branches, obviously when the hole tree comes
down you have to clean all that shit and satck it nicely, So gardening day of hell day, still
with my ligament tore and as of right now I think my back has gone numb. That was 8 hours under
the beautiful sun and heat of 33 degrees, but this time he did invite me to a “Chorizo” sandwitch,
and gave me 30 Euros. Nice guy.

Thursday! I just got back from “helping” and old lady that is moving out of her house, well,
I moved all her freaking furniture, I hate old ladies, bitching about “be careful over there
is going to hit the wall, or it is better if you go that way is closer to the entrance”,
shut up! I should put you in a casket you´re not going to live all that much longer and
and this rate neither am I so I might as well commit murder against this old lady.
This was 4 hours today and payment… yeeeeehaaa! 10 Euros.

I´m high roller baby!! After all this I might take a trip to Vegas and spend all this money.
So what I do is what a great bunch of people do here in the land of the wild bulls, by
the way, why the hell was I “to cool to go to school?” F-me. My back hurts, arms, a torn
ligament or ligaments who knows I can barely walk without limping that is, but I got enough
money for food and cigarettes until the end of the month. Great pay for those hours and that
much work don´t you think?

Man, I should have stayed in school and study economics, become one of those greedy Wall Street
guys, play around with the world economy sitting in a desk inside a tall building that has
air conditioning and smack around once in a wild those spoiled college kids that they think
they disserve education. Lucky you are, or at least smarter than me too, but if I hear one
of those college kids bitch about that their feeling have been hurt in the classroom or that
they pay too much tuition I´ll just smack them.

Now going to lay down and cry in pain. Have a great day, will try to read you people
if I can sit up for more than 15 minutes.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



I think she doesn´t like me she thinks,
she thinks she is miserable while she has a couple drinks
she thinks her family doesn´t love her the way she wants
she thinks this guy should be like that and now is not so what? Now….
she thinks all the while she´s a rich and spoiled but hates the oil
cause she has to save humanity…. come down to the sewer and
so you can see the real brewer

Time to grow up, you´ve been sheltered for too long
so nobody can take out a magic wong and sing you the pretty song
you want to hear, yes people by nature tend to be imperfect, except this writer that is,
people betray you, people are also good, but you my dear go to the extreme, in some kind
of an outcast scene, you meet people and you suddenly want from them to be your best friends
or meet a guy and want it to be the man of your dreams and live happily ever after with children
that are not a disaster, wake the fuck up.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Fight club(poem)

Foto 274

Is that me?

I guess

not too good at playing chess

that, would be my guess.

This is a mess

but is just my guess.

You win some you loose some



you never win anything

you loose much of everything.

Long time has been,

since I got into one of these

since serious fighting that is.

Two wars I´ve been

and that was serious thing

no glory

just misery

anger issues…..

maybe I should pull out some tissues

or maybe I should work on some issues.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.