Army, why not.

Actually from all the people in the world my mother told me to write about
this part of my life. Now she has cancer so I am back to taking care of my people.
Almost forgot…..

That is the new cool soldier
I wonder
I was a bit of a brawler
Hence I hit a first liuten<nt,
they switch the other A hole
to another A hole
at the last minute
since it was my second deployment
i knew what could happen in those type of just one moment
so i hit it and knock him out
masterly…..haha, fucking around
this is true
and i am wearing blue
the 1st sergeant
was the one who pulled me out
of going to jail, give a shout!
…….not good in the barracks
but good on the field
hey yo i seen me

That was no a cool uniform guy fighting……fuck!

Naaa, my guess is that one I smoked to much of…sorry it was the coffee,

Holy shit, forgot about that photo, just scrolling around the ¨Add media¨
actually forgot about all, just like to see them, but… I do know I have me….tan ta ta tan

There goes Little Charly in his good times, 24 years old, second tour in Afghanistan, sorry I meant Afghanishit,
ain´t that a handsome man, Young man at the time, hell, I´m handsome now, try to un-handsome me…. you cant!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


The dead boyfriend

A bit of background to this, in the Legion we have what we call ” El Novio de la muerte”,
which basically I should have translated to english in the title.
WHat for Americans is Easter Holiday, we have this, and people love it, specially in the south of Spain,
specially love it when th Spanish legionaries do their shit, I never was one of them, since a few are
selected for this, plus another truth they get an extra $$$$$$, my mother hated when I joined the Legion,
but she loves watching these kind of stuff, not the ‘real” thing but this. So here you go momma,
and sista,a brotha, and…. I think I smoked a joit…..Nope. So here you go,
It’s a Spanish tradition.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The spanish legion

Once in a lifetime I felt I did something good, basically for the Americans,
that speak Spanish!…..just kidding, fucking around, tomorrow I WE’LL READ YA
and leave some COMENTS, if you’d like to read them but today for me a fucked up day,
FOR GOT, these are what we called in the infanry “pistolos”, everybody that wasn’t
in the infantry where shit, I know at 35 years old, I knew the minute I was there
at 19 years old that wasn’t true, but you got the moral up, and I’m writing too much. Read ya tomorrow, it’s my duty to learn from you persons.

Hit it!!!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Again….watching videos of the army

Is not so much the video really, it’s the songs that they play during the
the video, so I just get into the internet and listen to the songs, wich
wich lead me to this. I also watch a bunch of porn. It’s healthy!
I guess there are people from all walks of life, I know.
But why in the world would you pose as a military guy? I was laughing
watching this. The idea to write this was not about the videos, it was a fellow blogger
that read one of my old post “ordinary soldier”, I think it was the title so gonna search…
her is the link
that’s what made me write
about these nut cases, while I was watching these videos and I decided to post one of my rants
Quite entertaining really.

But why in the world would you pose as a soldier? I have no clue.
But, I never thought about people doing that, but it seems is quite easy
to spot a fake. Even from boot camp there in the U.S and here in Spain,
you tight your boots in a certain way, you do have a specific belt,
your militayr ID, the patches, and…………………………..
I can go on and on, but point being if you actually watch that video,
it’s real easy to spot one of these fakes. I should add.. it only happens
in the U.S. Here in Spain we are actually scared to go out in uniform in
public since most people either don’t care or just despise us. Gotta understand
we came from a fascist dictator so the armed forces are not look upon very
highly. In most cases.

But it was fun to see this. And today….yeeeeeeeeeeeeha! I have a date with
a “normal” girl, lets see how it goes. FOrgot here is the video, since if I
start typing away I end up in Alaska with my thoughts.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I shall not kill

They teach you that
but, what?
get into a confrontation
with an enemy nation
what? I shall not kill it is then…
what kind of dumb ass army we got here
by the way
i laid some marijuana hay
and went to the frontlines again
people think
people think… think.. think..
react in those cases it could your ultimate act to react

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Yep, the military infantry sort of scary,
you see all people from all kinds of life,
and some were there because the police were going
after them, point being I didn’t give a shit about
anybody’s past, what I wanted to see them as well as me,
is training, a bit of more training, and more training,
until it come natural to you second nature to grab the rifle
up and shoot humans, that is what you train to do, you do not
volunteer into the infantry to feed the world, you got a job to
do you do it.
O.K so I called this post bravery…. forget about that dumb word.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.