Again….watching videos of the army

Is not so much the video really, it’s the songs that they play during the
the video, so I just get into the internet and listen to the songs, wich
wich lead me to this. I also watch a bunch of porn. It’s healthy!
I guess there are people from all walks of life, I know.
But why in the world would you pose as a military guy? I was laughing
watching this. The idea to write this was not about the videos, it was a fellow blogger
that read one of my old post “ordinary soldier”, I think it was the title so gonna search…
her is the link
that’s what made me write
about these nut cases, while I was watching these videos and I decided to post one of my rants
Quite entertaining really.

But why in the world would you pose as a soldier? I have no clue.
But, I never thought about people doing that, but it seems is quite easy
to spot a fake. Even from boot camp there in the U.S and here in Spain,
you tight your boots in a certain way, you do have a specific belt,
your militayr ID, the patches, and…………………………..
I can go on and on, but point being if you actually watch that video,
it’s real easy to spot one of these fakes. I should add.. it only happens
in the U.S. Here in Spain we are actually scared to go out in uniform in
public since most people either don’t care or just despise us. Gotta understand
we came from a fascist dictator so the armed forces are not look upon very
highly. In most cases.

But it was fun to see this. And today….yeeeeeeeeeeeeha! I have a date with
a “normal” girl, lets see how it goes. FOrgot here is the video, since if I
start typing away I end up in Alaska with my thoughts.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


I shall not kill

They teach you that
but, what?
get into a confrontation
with an enemy nation
what? I shall not kill it is then…
what kind of dumb ass army we got here
by the way
i laid some marijuana hay
and went to the frontlines again
people think
people think… think.. think..
react in those cases it could your ultimate act to react

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Yep, the military infantry sort of scary,
you see all people from all kinds of life,
and some were there because the police were going
after them, point being I didn’t give a shit about
anybody’s past, what I wanted to see them as well as me,
is training, a bit of more training, and more training,
until it come natural to you second nature to grab the rifle
up and shoot humans, that is what you train to do, you do not
volunteer into the infantry to feed the world, you got a job to
do you do it.
O.K so I called this post bravery…. forget about that dumb word.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

love between soldiers

I was going to put a picture
but I thought and….that is weird me thinking.
So I’ll just start drinking, with
my friends.
I don’t tell the story for people which is a …..glory!!
But I just did in a public platform, figure that one out
so don’t worry.
But when this guy was injured with shrapnel from pieces of the mortar,
I was calm, or portraying it, he was injured in the lower part of his
right leg and upper thigh, and at the same time it was a high,
I did say to the guy “I love you” his response… ” I love you to”
No more words for me to say something worst.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

P.S. Read you later animator or ors and comment and….just me.

Being in the moment

There is a video below…fuck I just saw some snow, weird.
He couldn’t express as most of people who been there feel.
Except, guess who? ME.
I never felt fear, I went into that thing already thinking I was going to die,
but not my buddies, just me, that gave me strenghth, a bit of a nut case
that the nutcase was in charge of 4 others, my hand never trembled, my
heart was punding for sure, he is right when he says the adrenaline is
quite something can’t even describe it. And I’ll just shut the fuck up,
more because I was going on a date with a nice girl and she cancelled it
and I’m watching this fucked up shit.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

eject bullet!!

Pull on the trigger
With vigor
See that? See nothing, look at that, what?
Pull it, is kind of cute and rude
Aiming the shot, is quite a lot
is not either rocket science but you have to have to have
on our behalf the fundamentals, wich are quite mentals.
Take a deep breath, and spit out the cartridge full of death
and actually will leave you a bit deaf.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.