Guardia Civil


I´ll make it quick. Two days ago I was in a park and some people bleeding. The Guardia Civil,
which before was basically a paramilitary force not today they are under the police… most of the time.
Sitting in a park bench bullshiting with another person and seeing the whole thing unraveling,
I yelled ” He is behind you!” The other guy that was interrogated that was sat next to
the other guy that was not being watched, stood and started walking twoards the Guardia Civil.
He looks at me for a brief second and does turn around. Military insticsts kicks in at that moment,
talking shit to this one guy yet moving my head on a swivel.
So the Guardia Civil did appreciate that, and after they took my ID run me down,
they saw I was in the Spanish Legion, now we have something in common.
Later that night, they saved me. Thank you for la Guardia Civil is the point.Plus now I have
followers from their station or unit. We did get into spethific things of military,
arms, type of arms, work this bolt here that, just the specifics. Might as well have them on my side,
very good people overall following the law. Not like the local police.

The calm voice

Probably got that one from my father would be my guess,
let it some rest.
Talked to him direct about mother
things are a bother,
that caaaaalm voice
throw a dice,
I threw that dice being in the military
i was wise,
you think I´m doing this for me?
Maybe or not really,
could care less about me really.
Just a calm voice. Stay Frosty gents
O shit, and gentesses. ( Who is going to pay me for inventing that word? Hello? Brothereese.)

Smell of fresh blood

This is how I motivitate myself….
I do remember once talking in wordpress to fellow woman in the military,
I told her that I remembered the smell of blood,
She said the smell of rotten bodies she remembered,
yes, but first came to my mind was that weird sense of blood
Point being, cut your hand and smell it. Just kidding.
I did have a call from some of the army days friends,
so I´m not the only crazy that remembers that, specially
if you fall flat and keep it on you for days. No time to wash it off,
just keep going. Plus there where no supplies.

End Story, Corona Corona lock duwn, but still a lot to do.
Like cleaning my fucking room, this looks like a dumspster.
Get my act together here, good news mother good to go for today,
got a call from these army guys, and what else…. read ya´ll later you innovator-s.

Trigger with a glove

Those who have shot a pistol or machine gun or rifle,
that was a bit of a skip,
just writing as it comes to mind
what was my trigger to write that? (HKg or G 36 rifle that picture, nice to handle)
No idea
It is true, you are conditioned,In my great army days, they were great actually.
to feel the trigger, the little things like not putting your index thumb on the
trigger while walking along, you literally felt the pulse in that index finger on the trigger.
Hence when you are in the freaking desert, and not in flipflops
you add to the mix the glove.
While whatching to see a white dove….
Yet you are so conditioned to pulling that trigger that the gloves actually do help,
less sweatty you are more scary.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Soldier-medal of honour

That me in uniform.
Trying to seek all the ” add media” of my great photo, I am drunk….
that is why I hear this guy, sort of normal for me,me, not all people. Trying to make
this quick, eventually you are born with it or not(personal experience)
And the not,those who run from literally run in “The Moment” is not insulting from my part”!, to be a bit splicit, fuk gdrun, people are born with ” react”, if not so there you go.
It is just human behavior. This guy…. Video!—–listen what the Priest says.
Not perfect people like us but you do need us like it or not. Shait! Video,,,Point.
Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.