Police scared (video)

I was in the army so to be politcally incorrect I killed.
What do you expect if you join the government as infantry guy?
How the fuck is not the army in the region of Spain called Cataluña?
The expense of sendng the National Police, Guardia Civil and others you won´t see
it´s a pain in the ass, for them that is. And they can´t even do their job,
try to hit one of those bitches with a baton, the pólice man will risk his carrer.
Fucking politicians,let us do our job for Spain and our families , not for you politicians.

poem?aaaaaand long

No title poem, I´m just swinging it, here there..
spare, just put it there and I´m out for today,
since I do know I want you to be here, with you bastards!
Politically incorrect? Just a deffect that X
stay with me if you will and if not just hit or LIKE and FOLLOW
you are humanitarians, so I can do to my kinky dance ” wallow wallow”
I I I, starting it…. hold one let my mental process,let it gone,
how am I able to put all those one and two cent,
this I express, army days… you believe that? No,
Not even my mother, who told me “you are not made for the military”
she´ll still deny it, maybe that is why she was pissed off when I joined,
Gonna go everywhere to scare.
So joined the Spanish Legión, my mother was right.
I´m not military neither I wanted to be, I wanted to be deployed and fight.
First week in basic training I fucked up so much, the seargent put me on “protective detail”
protecting… I guess the squirrels, that was supposed to be my first weekend off, so nowI have to stay
in the base of basic military training, gaining what? People who have done it know.
But one guy, in my platoon, tatoos everywhere, a fascist, if you think I´m crazy…
fuck me then, you have to meet this one.
He told me, paraphrasing in my saying ” We can do it!”.
See? Plural, we can do it. And me thinking this was like the movie Rambo,
just get the rifle and shoot and you kill everyone only you and only you….
The reality hit, and I did get in that mentality. I forgot his name, long time now,
but he pushed me and the rest to be the best basic military platoon of the company,
there goes be,
be that military experience, talking to another blogger who had been in the
U.S military, kind of scary they can drop a A-bomb on my head…probably bounce back to the air…
in a comment she said that she took with her the smell of rotten bodies I said the blood,
actually I wote a post about smelling blood, no, you do smell that bastards dead body,
and it stinks, get to you not the blood but I said blood since it rhymed, got it?
Army days….so yes I know I´m a hero, actually I will say I´m a hero, fuck it,
a drunk too, although I´m not drunk as a skunck now nor …just not now.
How many people have you saved? From death,
forget the military shit, I go back to civilian world and fucked myself up with
alcohol, a bitch and her name is I DON´T CARE, but she is a scary whore, worst
that Tali-bany-wanny, give her a rifle, I was infantry so there is some techniques
technikes (no proofread on this computer) to move, shoot, communicate, and part of
of shooting as in my basic training is to put a name to your rifel (Sara was my rifles name)
My way or the highway! And you know every inch of her and how to shoot straight,so
give her the nutty whore who still harrasess me, what can I do? Smack her? No. I was
going to make the joke that she probably has more aim thean those other nut heads.
Take that to civilian life, I counted 4 people I saved, it either is in you or you freeze.
One-drunk girl, me smoking weed with two others across the park, girl falls
not to Niagara balls, girls friends laugh at her the two I´m with laugh, I cross the street,
push my way over to this girl (hot girl by the way) she´s chocking on her vomit,
easy peasssy, turn her to the side,smack her on the head and back, and she revives.
Two- I walk down the disco Francico! see a guy on the sidewalk on his back, his eyes rolling back, I stop,
people passing over him literally, I smack the guy, called 911, and started doing
mouth to mouth while doing CPR, not a good taste by the way, I want now a shit full of
hay. Forgot, first I did a quick check, so he was not breathing hence me kissing him…….
love is in the air! Paramedics come, aske me if he is my friend I said no, she
the paramedic looked at me as if I was crazy since she saw me doing the CPR and mouth to mouth,
I told her “he´s good right?!” Her answer was affirmtive and I walk back to my then apartment.
I said five and getting tired now of this, why did I write this,
I´m a mammas boy but with quite the two pair of balls, so when she (mother) is surprised
as to why I´m able to keep the drinking in control, I just tell her,
you said I wasn´t a military guy, you were right, yet I was a soldier once and younger,
and stronger. I deployed I did my fray know slay?(Not really, I don´t say nothing, I´m
the one mesmerized seeing her face mesmerized)
What a whacking story, true never the less. I´m a weirdo mess.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

retreta militar

Definition in Spanish…..forgot.
Or, you go forward you get push down but you will go forward.
Had an award.
American definition, I had to go to Dr.Google,
it said, ” the end of sunday so time to sleep”…sort off.
Here is a great video I think, of a tortured soul.
The bastard killed himself aftere all he gave us as a comedian
and great actor, hey, Spanish army and American army have two …watch this talent.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

lets go to Tali-bany

Yes, it is me again, same photo as I always post. Now I´m not drunk,
that dumb skunk.
Actually I am drunk, if not wouldn´t be doing this, for world,
research me, or Google me or or or, what? really, pissed off now.
I just notice, as I said I don´t figure things out until too late,
when it comes to photography that us, the other 4, they should be 4, idiots,
were the ones I was in charge off. It seemed my senses went overboard on those nice occassions,
hot, hot, shot, now hold it there,
I figured quickly one thing, yes we are brothers in arms, diferent from friends,
but i will go shoot first. Didn´t say that though, got my first two people killed
in the same fucked up road of 8 kilometers, not to hard for the enemy if they see us
day after day doing the same route. I do not know if I killed two of them,
I only know I shot and the guys literally dropped dow…would be interesting if
he dropped up. Then (two seconds maybe) I did Yell, ¨ a las diez ¨ Which should
translate to ten o´clock, so if your facing forward you at least have a postiong to shoot at.
Then I get down, and… let them do the fire, it was good moral for the new guys, and even though
they fucked with me, i did let them, stress reliever like other stresses relivers if i would say it
you probably think they are crazy, or me,
to the point was….just do it.(put the example first and they will follow to death)

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

war against the local police

I know it happens, but not against me.
Piece of crap you be,
the local pólice, they have nothing else to do
but harrass me, probably i did say something to one,

yet they are the two same
POLICE unsane
THEY, they, hit the stop sign.
I didn´t just go this morning to proof nothing,
they are the GENERALS,specially their superior that is in jail for….
selling drugs, prostitution, and more charges
regardless….. hence his subordinates, go figure.
I did say I was in not the army but the Spanish Legion,so,ho!
I subtly, or not that subtly…. i went, i saw, i gave the idiot local pólice my
ID, the military one that is, and after months of planning this game, two things
can happen, one is that the crazy one with a tatto on his left arm, so not very
smart to start his bullshit, have to explain it? A tatto that goes from the upper part
of his left arm and it is his great paintng is a cadáver so
easy to point out in court,
second I talked to….hey! The bull seargent, I still call
him THE BULL, the local, local, pólice have my military ID and the phone number of my seargeant
THE BULL, so it will not be a wonder that this crazy seargent, which I saved his life and
him to me, will do it, he literally will go into the POLICE, local pólice that is, and not so
subtly tell them or shoot them, don´t fuck with Charly the Priest.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses,

My king

not the King here, yes, it is the same photo,what!!!!! You want me to call the other idot
and same meore photos? I can, but I know somethings, I do not want my part in the military
in photos. There is the record.
Didn´t serve under this King, he has a son, who is ….well, the Spanish King.
But I did forgot, like everything else really the chants. Talking about the dead in comnbat,
and those pieces of shit singing saw combat in the computer. Still, gets me goose bumps.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

For Spain

It´s in spanish. Long time I haven´t wrote in my native lenguage. Yep, it is one of the many
chants we had to learn in the Spanish Legion, like my religion but as a bad religous person I am…. I just went along at the end, why would I to I have to remember this s…t. But, I knew this one though,
since we are chanting this in honour of our brother or brothers that died. Which at the same time motivates us those that live for now. Hope you got it….. that live for now.

Por España
El que quiera que la defienda
Honrado muera
Y al traidor que la abandone
No tenga quien lo perdone
Ni en tierra santa cobijo
Ni una cruz en sus despojos
Ni la mano de un buen hijo
Para cerrarle los ojos
Por España, Libre!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

hero of…. the universe!

Yes believe it or not that is me, I was that crazy.
Technically a mercenary, since the state paid my services,
in two very comfortable countries.
I only have that photo of me to post, and that is enough.
You see the other idiots back in the Humvee as Americans call it,
we had an even cooler name ¨The VAMTAC¨, it was designed for a strategic unstratigical map.

I was in charge of those idiots behind me, got the photo taken and not because I asked for,
and go figure what my, my, idiots are doing. Probably acting if they are doing something,
so nothing, quite intense heat to say the least, and me the other idiot pulling guard.
Fucking idiots those 4 guys I was in charge off, yes crazy priest did do that.
Love you guys my crazy idiots and start learning english.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.