Being a narcisist I had to reblog this piece of art, not for the backdrop that this great artist changed for the better from the original photo. Me…..He didn´t changed so I have to become a Mr. Universe. As always Mr.Multiple Michael thank you not only for your art in this case I´m part of it, but for all the other art pieces you make.


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Art curiosity

I discovered my free online university, WordPress, and learned not only about writing but another subject that interest me also, so since this blog is called Crazy Life, there is a person wich I decided and… ordered! What is up with this art thing, always intrigued me. So I send her some questions and the person actually responded to this Crazy Blog, very interesting I might say..

Do you Paint?
No I don´t paint, and neither I have goals to learn.
(That took me by surprise, yet again I kept on asking)

What does art do for you?
Art takes me to the time period, it allows me to travel without leaving the chair. I look at the complexity of the art, were they appreciated at the time period. Even if I don’t like a time period or particular piece, I try to put myself in their shoes imaging what they were thinking while painting. How long did the painting take and what was the inspiration.

What do you think about modern art?

I am not a fan of Modern art yet have several pieces of current Modern, like Kieth Haring and Peter Max. It’s a goal to see more from the time period to see if a pice or artist changes my mind. Take Picasso, I like his early work very but when he moves into Fauvism and Cubism, you can count me out. I appreciate the impact he made on art history and how he moved out in front of his peers who were painting Impressionist work. Picasso was smart or lucky because his peers work was not appreciated and died broke.

What is your favourite?

I love the Impressionist period above all else. Several painters would take their little boats out at sunset and try to capture the sun go down. They worked very fast hoping to capture the shadows just right. One reason the Impressionist period is the artist used different brush strokes, the paint wasn’t flat in the canvas. Pointillism, is a brush stroke I like. The passion of the artist to capture to exact moment allows me to imagine them working in their boats.

Who is your favourite artist?

Picking one favorite is hard, two are Monet and Degas. I also love Manet, one of my favorite paintings is painted by Manet.

Do you think art is important to society? And if yes, why?

I don’t know if art is important to society, it could open minds to the past when the paintings were done. For me life would be boring without art. I have a few expensive pieces and others from street artist. I believe art is art if you think it’s art. Art from the distant past allows us to peek into the lives of people hundreds of years ago.

Thank you to this wonderful person who actually took the time to answer my cool
questions. And I learned, maybe you to.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The painter(poem)

Foto 275

They say Picasso was the king of painting
well well I ain´t fainting.


Who is to judge…well people that have a grudge


I do judge

Just look above, look it!
see it!
believe it!

I painted that when I was only nine
and that really makes you shine
it´s a real craft
and is called abstract
call it beautifullonic
or just ironic

Now a days every painting is art
don´t believe Michelangelo will be seating in heaven
and in enters a graffiti boy and they talk while they take a walk
What did you paint? Graffiti boy asks
The sixteenth chapel
What did you paint? Michelangelo asks
A corner
Disservice to humanity of art I ask
I must judge, since I feel I must do my task.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Life is art(poem)

is art, you start
with the basic tools
and then add creativity too,
make those tools take the fools
meaning your creating a fantasy
so it´s easy.

is art, you start
with the basic tools
and then add creativity too,
you have to know the basic ingredients
and you develop more for more happy clients
so it varies.

is art, you start
with the basic tools
and then add creativity too,
to make better or correct that
relationship which is hardship and love ship
so is somewhat worship.

is art, you start
with the basic tools
and then add creativity too,
you have to know how to adapt
so that way when things go not apt
you know how to react.

is art, you start
with the basic tools
and then add creativity too,
make those equations more outrageous
maybe turns out you created something gorgeous
and benefit society.

hand in hand they walk and talk.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.