Be scared and then carry on

I am Charly Priest, son of my mother Blanca that died this month,
apart from that tragedy I live in a town full of criminals, Marrocans the majority,
yet I don´t have a prejudice, if you are bad you are bad.
It does piss me off, even knowing I knew it would come sooner than later,
I did give this 16 year old criminal a chance, thinking me “the grand seviour” of
this fuck up kids, they are that, they steal, they sell drugs, name it,
and I just have to walk out of my door, maybe they would enter my house at this point,
so you got to be on your toes basically is what I´m saying. But I wasn´t on my toes
when I gave the 16 old kid, and I won´t call him a kid, first he is a man and then a criminal,
don´t worry ladies, I too was like them at that age so nothing new but I don´t know why
I feel after my mothers death this month that I should be the one helping them….

What do I get in retun when I´m not even looking? just a sucker punch from this idiot. And me the dummy,
giving him the benefit of the doubt all though deep down I really knew that when he saw his chance
that I was not looking around, preparing, he would take the advantage, I fucking knew it and still
gave him the benefit of the doubt.

I actually later called dady, not to cry him a story, not to
talk about this, just to hear a calm voice and know why I should not go back and literally kill this guy,
always a nice calm comfortable voice is good in all aspect of whatever you are dealing with.
Just the fucking tone, there could be a freaking nuclear bomb go off, you call dad, and you will believe
everything is good. At least I know that if I call him, and not even saying why obviously he
already has his huge amount of problems in the real world so forget about this criminal shits,
they will read this by the way, better, I can only say that hearing his voice was just peace of mind
for me.

So you motherfuckers after I already stabbed one of you(or not, this is creative writing)
in your shit one only neuron, if the stabbing didn´t occure twice to protect me that is-
You better thank my father.

Already lost mom, can´t go to jail and loose my father.
I do also know that those so called kids of 16-18 are no kids, I was one of yours you idiots, I changed
my world, maybe not for the best of the best but for better, I know you won´t hear this. A freaking sucker punch?
Me not even looking? Thank my father and the writing that right know I can get it all out in writing.
So thank you for thanking my father and then my writing.
For now.
(They all know where I live and and I know where they live, small town so… no BS unfortunately)

Read you all worpress people you innovators alligators!!! Read ya latter, but this was more cathardic
than trying to chase this 16 year old fucking criminal around town, I already tried and he ran like a bitch,
and me giving him a chance… dummy me, anyways this was more cathardic and again when you other
idiots read this, yes I know you read it since you told me this and that plus showed me this blog on your phone
I hope you take a step back
or not actually. But do whatever your “great head” dictates to you but first thanks my mother and my father,
you would already be gone right now if it wasn´t for that call to father, no worries you, I didn´t´talk
about the incident, just to hear his calm voice and that his things are doing good is what kept you alive.
Remember, I´m not the only one pissed off at you, we are plenty more than you think. Never forget.

(Might as well write some good poetry instead of this shit)

countaracting human instincts

Either I am that unconscious
or a jewel precious
I can tell you after my military experience
no difference
it has always since the day I was born, to help,
i don´t freeze. I just react to numerous of times in civilian world
to help the old lady passed out in the bus, to the drunk guy
on the floor and me giving him mouth to mouth until he started to get a breath at least
so he was good by the time the ambulance got there.
You do train in the military to do extreme types of jobs, but I was thinking (it´s rare)
that it has to be a good part of a person born with that.
I don´t know, just rambling upon my experience. I´m good to go though, see mommy tomorrow.
Quarantine uplifted, out we go. In this house which did turn into a whore house,
Getting cleaned, all the precautions bebore I enter moms house, I do have to see her
before she dies of termimanl carncer. I checked with dad, he said o.k,
Anyways, I do actually think that in my day and actually today, but in that part of my army day
I would smack you and I would die for you also, military training did help obviously,
yet I had to have something in me from the beginning, if not why would I safe 5 lifes in
the civilian world? Not to throw my flowers but it is the truth. Whoever read me for
some time, I do really hit the shit dime.(that was a weird commentary by the way, kind of yoga for me)

My crazy diary(part 3000 Spartans)

I have a 15 year old girl that is following me, I did comment on her blog,
” Don´t folow me and let me speak to your daddy”. Something to that effect.
Kind of weird a 15 year old girl, and just popped in my head, I forgot about it,
although I do forget a lot of things.

I need to write more, I do read a lot but I should write more.

Where the fuck is the drug dealer? I called him, to give him his thing, no answer
so forget about the money then.

Fuck you local police, know you read me, fuck you local police, was it only 15 of
your guys that “left” from this town, maybe I had a saying on it… who knows,
fuck you with your corruption and you disserve worst punks.

My mother is fine, that is what counts.

Army days long past, but there will be better days.( yes I do consider army days great)
If I make it happen the better days.
Plus! funny is horny. Video!

Stay Narly gents and Stay in bed and cooking and… gentesses…. 😉

Hospital, Hero…that´s it.

Tried to come with a intelectual title…simple it is, reality.
After the effort and money and love love love we put on her and she responds to us,
(mother), she´s strong woman for sure…
It is my mother who the fuck you thought made me tough?
Just watching this, and it the black duuuuude, sorry politically correct,
that person is my idol, in quite a lot of senses, not all but a lot.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Don Charisma(political article)

I was asked by a fellow and friend blogger to be a guest blogger on his blog.
And the name of the blog is

I got into politics, he asked me to write about the gravity of the political situation
here in Spain(he didn’t know at first until I started commenting in the comment section)
and I was more than honored to do so. You’ll probably think someone else
wrote it, since most of those who read me are used to my crazy things. I do know a lot
about politics for the simple reason that I was born into a family of political operatives.
The ones who work behind the scenes. The ones you don’t see in t.v but are the one who the
politician relies on to win the elections. And dad is the best at it.
So in my house as a kid, it was always politics so for me it´s easy.
As you can see I´m the black sheep of the family, took another route
a drastic different route and way of life, but I still get the inside that most people
don’t get. Not my fault, I didn’t choose to be born into the political world. How to
groom the candidate, how to control the message, where to go first for more votes, e.t.c.
And know the political rivals obviously, how they operate. I just heard it since I was a kid.
Go check it out if you wish, it´s a facet of me I didn’t want to put in this blog.
Don’t go into much shock though if you go and read it, I´m still a crazy priest!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.