The first sighting of love

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He sat on the bench overlooking the park with parents playing around
with their kids, rubbing incisively together his sweaty hands
and looking left and right as if he was watching a fast paced tennis

God damn God damn, please God let it be real

He hoped that it wasn´t one of those instances which he´d seen on t.v
that after chatting through the internet, seeing pictures, and talking
by phone the girl turned out to be completely the opposite.

His heart was pounding so hard in his ear he could barely hear the noise
of the little monsters or kids playing in the park. For the first time in
fifteen years this girl really had touched his heart, a heart that was used
to shallow relationships based on sex that didn´t last more than two weeks
but this woman just got him. She said everything he liked, she was blond,
with blue eyes and a slim perfect body. Smart and funny. This could be the one
he thought, he was  reaching his forties and he wanted to settle down.

“Hi” A voice came from his right. He jumped up to his feet and saw the twin
of Pamela Anderson.

“Fuck me!” He exclaimed with eyes wide open.

“What?” She giggled.

“Nothing, hi nice to meet you, how are you, I´m good, you like dogs?”

Did this really come out of my mouth, idiot.

“Nice to finally meet you Frank.” Her calm voice finally put him at ease.

They went to an Italian restaurant and Frank was completely bewildered by
this precious and smart woman plus she was a humanitarian, she had been
with a U.N relief program in Syria helping out with those refugees while
he sat back on his couch drinking beer and gambling on internet poker,
he could see himself helping the poor, being sort of the Dalai Lama of New York.

They finished the dinner and Frank as a good gentleman he was he paid the bill.

“What about me?” She asked with a mischievous smile.

“You´re gorgeous that what´s about you.”

She smiled again, “You think I´m cheep, after all this hours, the clock is ticking.”

Fuck me, a freaking hooker! Do I run? Don´t pay, what if she actually
later wants something…fuck me again

Well, yes it was a hooker, but also his first love even though it had lasted two hours.
Who was the person to determine how long love should last.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.