What fucking joke, she will say this that and try to get me riled off.
It did function her tactic, kind off really. But it did sort of function
her obviously reasons talking to me, about bullshit, she eventually laugh at
the end. If you talk about toxic persons, Jesus fucking Christ. I have one,
Legally she can´t do shit, I actually feel bad for her since that is her purpose and lost,
mentally for me… I can switch it off.
Sorry that was the last post about this girl having her JOKE, the bitch laughing at the end?
JOKE, but keep in mind I will fuck you up, legally, for your dumb shit.

Are you O.K?

3:30 exactly, “ring ring” my phone, and the number is… “private number”,
apart from living in a shit town that I got into fights with drug dealers, thiefs, e.t.c.
they are not going to scare me away but they did scare all our neighbours. You call the police?
Yep, nothing happens. So is me and me.

3:30 exactly, phone rings and is the same guys calling me for several days telling me I´m going
to die this night. Getting bored actually since it has been the same calls for days and nothing
happens. Do these idiots know who they are talking to by the way? I can track you down and I will.

I do not believe in coincidences, by so proclaimed girfriend, according to her in my fathers Facebook,
called me the same day at 11 p.m and two hour later these idiots call threatening me. She is in those
type of circles, I actually fine it funny when she calls ( I know I should not pick up) and asks me
” Are you o.k? Honey” yes, I´m not dead as you want me to be so I´m o.k. This girl is freaky,
I won´t even blame the other guys calling me to say they will kill me, literally. I know is just
intimidation tactics nothing is going to happen. But for them, since I know they will read this,
it is not in your interest, you will be the one dead if you try anything against me as I told him
after this little bitch rang on the phone and woke me up.

I do not believe in coincidences that my self proclaimed girlfriend calls first and now I got these
idiots calling saying a bunch of bullshit, she is behind it. I just know it, I will track their cell phone
down and me, not police, me will fuck you up.

(I thought the picture was cool, now back to sleep…actually no they made me a favour, I do have to write
my incredible novel, pretty good I am at talking about this then switch off and concentrate on the important things
comes way back how to train your mind, army did help me, but I believe I was born with it, the switch on swithch off)

I really have ADD

Puta zorra guandorra (that was some sense of Spanish)
Fucking bitch (you are a whore for fucking guys to get past next month,
then in my fathers Facebook I´m your boyfriend, you kidding me? I might not be the smartest
obivously, but you really fucked that one up,saying I´your boyfriend to the world, in another
environment that is way far from yours? You fucking dummy,I could care less about you fucking,
thankfully you didn´t pass me AIDS.
Do they now get condoms on the pharmacy?
Fucking whore, keep on reading this and trying to destroy me,
not happening.
wax on was off or turn on off the switch but be prepared no only from that threat,
That simple for me. Truly.
Gonna watch a porn or maybe read poetry, I think is best the poetry.
Add, always curious on all things, yet have to know when to shut it down,


i seek adrenaline
why? Have no clue, guess it is in me
I don´t actually guess, since a kid I made mother nervous:
so I was good in the army
in that case especific when they make you in charge of 4 people
you had to manage the adreline so you Will tell the guys(fuck no girls) this and that
i actually know to me to find it hard to not “go off”
And I´m 37 and left the army at 25
say……. hi five! Plus a goodby.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

the police called her bitch!

I can´t believe this, go to 7:58 seconds if you want,
I want specially when I have a woman troll constantly fucking with me,
hopefully it would be a fuck, acutally no. But this is for you,
having again to hear my crazy bitch exgirlfriend calling me out falsohood and not so good names,
I was glad to see this video, the woman is not even as crazy as my ex,
but they are veryg good at pretending for you to be remembering.
Have no clue how I got to this video, I did type ” crazy plice” or something,
so this came up. This is for you bitch, her blog This is the bithh. You called me a troll right?
After also calling me a “killer”, told you then and now, you hit the stop sign, now
I Will destroy you, and no, as you say that I´m following you, it seems you are the one
following since you seem to take notice of every post I post. So who is the troll?
I have your statistics and not one of them comes from me to your blog. Bitch.
I know I should be more carefull with my words, but this person really pissed me off,
calling me a killer after my time in the army, that I use women…. fuck you.
Videeeeo! Later I´ll watch a porno.
7.50 seconds is when the girl, sorry…. you want to be treated equally as men? So don´t be an asshole,
you punk bitch. Another fake dumb bitch, hitch, and if you are rich…. Your words never happened.

This was therapy, better than getting into a fight for sure, video!

out of my chest

The battle of WordPress! I think this is the second time or maybe third time
that a person has gone off the wall with me, and about what? I wrote the piece
about life is beautiful! I did call her a bitch though. Sorry is that as bad as her
talking about my military service and calling me a killer? Later on after my response
then I was a troll, then later on…later on…later on… she send me I don´t know how
many comments, not nice ones obviously so who is the troll? Who are you to call me a killer?
As I said in one comment to her, If you weere a guy next facing me I will fuck you up.
Don´t test “the grandious Charly the great” 😉 bullshitting with this last line.
Probably that is why she got so emotional, but I will call her bitch since I call guys bitch
it can be a term of endearment or a term of insult, latter for this woman
O, later she accuses me that I use women followers as a shield, so my response is that go
talk to them, last thing I need to hear from a person….and on and on and on.
So I decided to be transparent and
show her comments in the other post and expose you. Not in my nature really. But really,
do not mess with my integrety or try to do backflips with false accusations.
That I will not tolerate, so if you want to see her comments there is the link, and a link to
her page also, just exposing her and I believe I did it with a HIM, so don´t play that
sexist card with me. You don´t have arguments you are pissed off so go and rant off to…

bad women-video

I understand that most of this things happen it´s a great percentage by men.

There is a small group of women, I don´t know the percentage,
and say this crazy things. Wich is devastating to a man, I experience my self,
even if the court and witnesses, say what it really happen and you have
the court papers saying you, in this case me are absolved of the charges brought
falsely against me, you still have her false paper trail.

So fuck you bitch.

It may sound rude, but she is. Actually she still calls me, and today,
she calls me to ask me if I needed money to pay the room rent and she would give
me the money if she could stay…..just crazy, yet again, smart-crazy so answer is NO, you fucked up your life so I´m not going to accompany in your path.

Better run, specially how the laws are here. Better run…. sad.
I won´t back down either for crazy bitches that sooner or later will end up in ditches,
not from me but probably from someone else that they fucked up too much. For me,
when she called today yet again, I had to laugh it out.

Also I felt that men are now a days not giving the nearest Benefit of the doubt,
specially when it comes to these conniving manipulative liar of bitches. So again,
go use your physical sexyness to fuck other guy, but not me, bitch.

So I can definitely be empathic with this young man.
Plus I´m still a flirt and looooove ya

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

no crying

Here goes a quick story.

She does not cry for her (she has cancer), for other people yes,me,
specially me being the tough ex military MAN wich it is her son.
I just saw her today and she brought to me some great appetizers,
gave her a kiss at first as a MAN, suddenly I broke down,
so I just left, didn´t wan´t her to see me crying like a bitch.

The point being is that through writing I can express myself better than talking,
quite a problem really but is the truth.

There goes the story.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.