Just Bitches ( 18 and over)


Disclamair-you don´t see her face plus I will not say names
Disclaimer 2- now goes the beautiful poem, remember it is creative writing
that if for the police in case and for you all, the bitch…… hit it!

I love you
Because I hate your boob
Looking at my cock
It ain´t that smart
It´s bigger than your own fart
You know you love it
That is quite a bit
Suck and suck
But……I did do it with a duck (kind of freaky)

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Let’s boggie

I had a great night
I should add it was right…

There was a prostitute
I love them they don’t give you any attitude
Unlike a girlfriend
I bend

The prostitute always tells me how good I am
Is like eating ham if not she doesn’t get paid not even with Abraham

It was just a day to be mental

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

by by baby

Why do I end up with this crazy ass girl?
I did see your wassap and saw your chats
did smell like rats, damn girl, fooling around
with 6 dudes? And telling me I´m the one?
You are truly a nun.
Taking money from guys here and there,
that is the only thing that you care, in other terminology
it would be called whore-ingly, do what you do to survive,
but don´t count with me as one of your ginny pigs to take your dive.
Now they throw you out of yet another house and you have to sleep
with the guy in the next house for him to let you have a roof
over your head, which is spread by sperm worm.
So please stop calling me,
new year new life so I´m not falling for your lies.Not even the sex,
which actually is the only thing you do well, oooooo, that is so swell right?
By By baby, there is a better future for me,so just let me be

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

P.S. I got my new computer tomorrow! So I can at least see the notifications page,
the reader, the new people that started following me, and other glitches that I have
with this crap. And this from a guy that thought he was going to be homeless this month
to everything turning up o.k,lot of work this month though to make up for money, but
worth it and treasure it.